Experience Lighting Masterclass

Shane Hurlbut ASC

Experience Lighting Masterclass

Shane Hurlbut ASC
5h 46m
6 modules (view curriculum)
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    5h 46m


The Experience Lighting Masterclass takes you on-set and behind the scenes with feature-film DP Shane Hurlbut ASC, as he teaches you powerful lighting principles and techniques for all your filmmaking projects. Attain the highest level of visual artistry by learning to unleash the power of your camera and mastering the manipulation of light.


1h 19m

After introducing the schedule for the Experience Lighting Masterclass, Shane walks us through the various tools that will be used and the script read for the scene from "Swing Vote". Then we head over to the set as Shane guides the masterclass attendees through lensing and lighting the master shot for the scene. 

1h 09m

The Masterclass continues as Shane guides the students through coverage on the daylight scene from "Swing Vote". Shane shares his workflow as well as dos and don'ts for over the shoulder coverage, and then finishes by deconstructing his scene in the film and how it differs to the one shot during the Masterclass. 


Continuing the masterclass, we join Shane and the attendees as they tackle an interior night scene, again from the film "Swing Vote". After analysing the script, Shane takes us through the establishing shot and then works to create the master shot for the scene. 


In this module we continue the night interior, picking up coverage shots of the President's advisor and learning to work with the challenges of a set and mixed lighting sources. Free of the constraints of the wide master, Shane helps the students get creative with their lighting options.


Completing the night interior scene Shane oversees the over-the-shoulder coverage for "Swing Vote". Once the practical example is wrapped, Shane takes us through his storyboard and final sequence from the film, critiquing his own work.

1h 25m

For the final Masterclass module Shane challenges the class with both late afternoon and night scenes, using all the skills they've learned throughout the course to lens and light difficult environments.

About the Educator

Shane Hurlbut ASC


2 Courses

Shane Hurlbut, ASC is a world-renowned cinematographer and gifted narrative storyteller who has lensed numerous feature films, commercials, music videos as well as episodic television programs.


Worth every penny!
Nate Bower
Like being on set
Greg M
Love it. Very informative. I learned a lot. thank you very much
MZed User
Love this masterclass!!! Like being on a real set.
Zvonimir Murkovic
Awesome stuff! So informative!
Andrew Hobson
Shane Hurlbut is a Brilliant Teacher. Love his Masterclass.
Randy Tomlinson
The biggest take away is in this course you learn the "why", which completely changes your thought process on set and how you visualize a scene and see a room. It’s one of the few courses I’ve seen that you can apply almost everything on your next shoot.
Robert Ruscher

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