Patrick Moreau

Filmmaker, Educator

Patrick Moreau is, quite literally, obsessed with story. No, not 'story' the buzzword that gets tossed around with little meaning. Rather, story, the timeless tradition shared before we—the human race—had written language. He believes (and science backs it up) that story is unparalleled in its ability to bring people together and create change.

While yes, Patrick has worked for some big brands, directed several documentaries, and won some Emmys, more than any of that, he loves the craft of filmmaking and using it to unlock the wonder in this world. He and his team of leaders, filmmakers, and educators at Muse Storytelling spend their days telling meaningful stories through film, while empowering others to tell captivating stories of their own.

The Muse team lives and dies by the idea that we must "guide the heart to move the mind" — that we need to connect emotionally if we want to change the behavior or perspective of our audience. This is the guiding philosophy of the Science of Storytelling course, and a philosophy that Muse has shared with global business leaders at Apple and the United Nations, and that drives their work, including with brands like the NFL and Canon, as well as on several Emmy Award-winning films.

Courses by Patrick Moreau

The Science of Storytelling


The Science of Storytelling is a comprehensive course that gives you everything you need to make remarkable films, profitably and consistently. Created by Patrick Moreau and the Muse Storytelling team, it takes you behind the scenes to explain the process they use to create award-winning films. In short, it’s a deep dive into the process of creating films worth watching — discussing everything from the first pitch to the final frame. And along the way, you’ll see Muse’s methods in action with real-world examples from their original series, The Remarkable Ones. The Science of Storytelling is designed to give you clarity and confidence in your filmmaking, to increase your budgets and creative freedom, and to give you the ability to create films you love—every time.

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