Andor: Behind the Scenes

Interview with cinematographer Damián García

The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences has recently announced the Emmy nominations in this year’s competition, and it’s exciting to see some well-loved shows and series among the contestants. As a huge fan of the Star Wars universe in general, and Disney+ “Andor” in particular, I’m especially pleased to find its title mentioned in different categories. For example, the season’s grand finale – episode 12 “Rix Road” – is officially in the race for the “Outstanding Cinematography For a Series (One Hour)”.

Lucky for us, director of photography Damián García took part in the ASC Clubhouse Conversations and broke down his visual language for the nominated episode. What makes cinematography in Andor so special, and how did they achieve a uniquely raw and realistic look within one of the most famous film universes of all time? – Let’s find out together!

Read the full article at CineDBehind the Lens of “Andor” – Damián García Breaks Down His Emmy-Nominated Cinematography

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