Black Friday Deals are here!

It's that time of year again, and we have an incredible offer to join MZed Pro this Black Friday.

It’s finally getting to the end of 2020, and while there’s a lot of things going on in the world, one constant is Black Friday sales. If you've been waiting for a good time to subscribe to MZed Pro, or to renew your membership, now is that time!
Here at MZed we love the fact that the education we offer helps our members create a better future for themselves and those around them. It’s a really exciting prospect for us to be able to offer a Black Friday deal that takes the incredible value that MZed Pro has to offer and tips the scales even more in your favour.
From now until the end of the month (US Pacific time) you can join MZed Pro for just $199, a saving of $100. That works out at less than $6 per course, and under $17 a month for a full year of streamed education. Over 450 lessons across more than 250 hours. If you wanted to buy all the courses individually it would cost more than $9,000!
Get access to our full ARRI Academy library, including certification, watch courses offline in our iOS app, win gear in our monthly member gear giveaways and even have a chance to win a new Canon C70 in our “I’m an MZed Pro” contest. That’s a lot of value for just $199!

Special Bonus! Free Osiris LUT Pack


But you want more? Well thanks to our friends at Vision Color, we have more! If you join MZed Pro during the sale we’re also throwing in their incredible Osiris LUT pack for free.

Valued at $49, Osiris includes nine high-quality cinematic look LUTs (including the highly coveted M31 Cinema LUT!) that give you turnkey professional results from your footage. Unlike generic LUTs, Vision Color base their LUTs on analog film scans that have been photochemically processed and developed by industry professionals and scanned using state of the art technology. The scans have been converted to 3D LUTs using their proprietary, pixel-perfect image matching system.
What are you waiting for? Click here to join now, or if you want to learn more about MZed Pro you can do so here.
Your Osiris LUT key will be sent out via email in early December.

Black Friday Discounts on Individual Courses

MZed Pro offers an unbeatable amount of value for filmmakers, but what if you’re old-school and prefer to buy individual courses? Or you don’t want to wait for Master the Moment and The Art & Technique of Film Editing to join the MZed Pro library? Well we’ve got great Black Friday deals on all our courses.


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