Calling All Educators and Students

Are you a university instructor, administrator or student? We want to hear from you.

Are you a university instructor, administrator or student? Read on!

At MZed we believe our filmmaking courses bridge a much needed gap between traditional film school and online tutorials. And we’ve already heard from a few university staff about how our online filmmaking courses are helping a wide range of college students and support staff.

Right now, we are looking to expand awareness of MZed into higher education, while also asking for feedback on how we can improve our platform to better suit college students and staff.

So, how do we do that?

We’re offering a complimentary 12-month MZed Pro membership for you - or a student or colleague of yours - in exchange for a short written review, published somewhere on your college’s blogosphere. 


MZed at Traditional Universities

For universities that don’t have any production courses, students who are interested in filmmaking can supplement their liberal arts coursework with MZed’s highly practical courses online.

For example, in this article, one student advisor at Oregon State University has written about how his student employees are paid videographers on campus, but they have to rely on their self-taught skills because there aren’t any filmmaking classes.


He says it’s difficult to assign a hodgepodge of Youtube videos as coursework replacement, so the structured MZed courses have been a great addition to hands-on training on the job.

He adds, “Video production is a good bet for mixing online and in-person learning at universities, because it’s simply impossible for most universities to offer up-to-date film production courses. Not even film schools can stay current with what’s changing in video production.

So by combining some reputable online tutorials along with hands-on guidance, I think we can really prepare our creative students for the working world outside of campus.”

MZed at Film School

What about film school? Is there a benefit to MZed online filmmaking courses, when students have access to a full suite of courses, from film theory to writing to set production?

Based on what a few film students have told us, many film school graduates have successfully mixed in-person, traditional coursework, with online tutorials that offer more up-to-date lessons as well as more niche subjects.


For example, a student might supplement a lighting and grip course with a more detailed run down on generators and power management from Shane Hurlbut’s “Cinematography: Mastering the Image” course.

Additionally, we now offer certificates for most of our courses, which are sent to students as soon as they complete a course all the way through. That will help faculty better track their students progress through assigned MZed courses, as well as give students a leg up when they begin to enter the job market after graduation.

But we want to hear from you - does MZed help film school students? What could we do better? Are there specific courses that we could offer that would supplement film school courses?

Your Opinion Matters

To build trust on the web, we feel that online products or services rely on customer testimonials, expert reviews, and solid customer service to convince new users to give it a shot. At MZed, we even have a 7-day money-back guarantee, along with courses taught by well-known and respected industry educators.


But college and university faculty and staff tend to be more conservative when trusting online services to supplement their work. It makes sense - most universities have been built on principles and operating methodologies that were established long before the internet came along.

That’s why we believe it’s important for university people to hear from you - staff, students, or alumni - and how you honestly feel about MZed and its value to colleges.


Review Criteria

We’re asking for a minimum of 350 words, but the review doesn’t have to be limited to only MZed, and it goes without saying that your honest opinion is very much the priority. Maybe your department has other online tutorials or resources that you provide to students? Maybe after looking into our courses, MZed doesn’t fit your needs?

However you end up reviewing MZed, we’re delighted to hear from college staff and students about what works and what doesn’t with our filmmaking courses. And a published review somewhere on your university’s site is extremely valuable to helping the conversation going, outside of the limited world of filmmaking blogs and industry websites.

Many universities offer a blogging platform for their current students, staff, and alumni, and some individual departments have a news or updates section on their college website. However, we recognize that some universities simply don’t have a self publishing area, so our offer won’t work for everyone.

But if you fit the criteria and would like to try out MZed Pro and publish a review, we’d love to hear from you! Please get in touch with us here. Thanks!

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