How to Download and Watch MZed Courses Offline on Apple M1 Macs

You can now Sideload the MZed App on your Macbook or Mac Mini

We have some great news if you’re using one of the newer M1 Macs - you can now download and watch MZed courses offline by sideloading the MZed iOS app onto your computer. If you have a Macbook Air, Pro, or Mac Mini with the M1 chip, you’re in luck!


Downloading and watching courses offline has been a top request from MZed Pro members. The primary barrier has been finding a way to manage access to the courses, so that active members can download and watch all MZed lessons during their year-long subscription, while inactive members would no longer have access. 

On a laptop or desktop computer, enabling offline, permanent downloads works well for anyone who purchases a lesson or course outright. They get lifetime access to the material and can download and watch the videos in anyway they choose. But for MZed Pro subscribers, there hasn’t been a way to enable desktop downloads while maintaining control of the video access, until now.


In 2019 we launched the MZed iOS app, which provides both streaming as well as unlimited offline downloads for all MZed courses. The app has become a much loved mobile solution for MZed members using iOS on their iPhone or iPad. And thanks to the success of the iOS app, an Android version of the app is now in development.

And then a few months ago Apple surprised everyone with a bonus feature in their new M1-chip computers: the ability to use iOS apps within MacOS. As soon as we got our hands on an M1 Mac Mini, we sideloaded the MZed app to see how well it worked. The results? It’s brilliant!

So if you have one of the new M1 Macbooks, you can now watch MZed courses offline. If you haven’t committed to one of the new M1 computers, that’s ok. All of Apple’s forthcoming releases will feature the new chip, so we foresee MZed Pro being available for many more Apple users going forward.

How to Sideload the MZed App on an M1 Mac

To sideload the MZed app on your M1 Mac, there’s a few easy steps to follow. First, open up your App Store and search for “MZed”. Then in the results, click on iPhone & iPad Apps at the top, rather than Mac Apps.

mzed app store

You should now see the MZed app - click “Get” to download it. It should show up in your Applications folder, and you can now add it to your dock if you choose to. 

Once the app is loaded and you’re logged in, you can now go into the app settings and choose whether you want to download High Quality downloads, or leave the setting as is. You also have the option to delete all your downloads, to free up space.


Now when you’re browsing a course, you can go to any lesson and click on the download icon to save that lesson for offline viewing. You’ll see the download status indicator is the download is progressing. Now you when you go to manage your downloads, you can see all your courses where you’ve downloaded at least one lesson. 

mzed app downloads

Other features when Using the iOS app on Mac M1 computers


  • Certificates of Completion will continue to be provided for any course that you complete. If you complete a course offline, the app will email you the certificate the next time your phone goes online.

  • The app fully supports your Watch Lists.

  • There’s seamless integration with watching courses on other platforms, so you can pause a lesson on the app and continue watching where you left off on another desktop or tablet browser, and vice versa.

‚ÄčIf you have an M1 Mac, give it a try and let us know how it goes! We’re excited for the opportunity to enable more offline viewing of MZed courses. Hopefully this is only the beginning for merging mobile apps and desktop computers.


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