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In Case You Missed it

April 17, 2014

The Art of the Done List: Harnessing the Power of Progress From carpenters to sculptors, makers end each workday with a physical object looking different than it did that morning. But what if you’re a knowledge worker? How do we know our level of progress when the fruits of our labors can be easily and quickly buried by our next task? See the entire blog post at 99U   29 ways to stay creative As posted on Twitter by Corel Creative Market Check out the fonts, Wordpress themes, graphics and more at Creative Market - especially the free goodies they give away each week.   8 Cool Plug-Ins That Can Make You More Productive The more you work in the...

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Permission to experiment in Photoshop

April 16, 2014

Some beginners seem to be reluctant to try new things in Photoshop for fear of something “going wrong”. Many people seem to hesitate to try a new function or feature if they feel like they really don’t know what it does. This article will give you “permission to experiment”, based on a few important concepts.   Undo Of course you always have the opportunity to undo, removing the effects of the last step you did. You also have the ability to step backwards through multiple steps – up to the number of steps you’ve set in your History panel (20 by default). There’s one significant problem with Undo and Step Backwards: these options are only available while your document is open....

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