Creating a Palette

Directing Color
Creating a Palette
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Directing ColorAAA

In the first module of the course, Ollie introduces us to the concept of “Directing Color” as he begins to produce a commercial for a boutique catering company. He takes us through the process of how he developed a color palette for their brand which will be woven into the production design for the commercial, and explains how the relationships between colors can create compositional balance in your images.

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Directing Color


In Directing Color, filmmaker, editor and colorist Ollie Kenchington explores how visual language cues, color theory and even color grading techniques can be used throughout the filmmaking process to not just create a “look” but to enhance storytelling. He challenges directors, cinematographers and filmmakers to think of color first rather than the more common approach of leaving color considerations until post-production.

About the Educator

Product educator

Ollie Kenchington

Filmmaker, Editor, Colorist

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Ollie's company, Korro Films, produces commercials, short films, documentaries and branded content for major international clients, with Ollie carrying out senior editor and colourist duties on every project. Ollie is an assured practitioner across all areas of filmmaking, giving him a deep understanding of the creative process which allows his agency to flourish in this competitive industry. Additionally he is an accomplished educator, and founder of Korro Academy.

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