A visual way to show the true angles, scale of objects, and the relationships between them
Learn how shutter speed affects the visuals and the story
Things That You Should Know
A Deep-Dive Into Seamless Storytelling
The Storytelling Potential of Frame Rate
Mastering Narrative Perspective and Related Camera Techniques
Film examples that push the boundaries
Learn everything you've always wanted to know about lenses
How to Find Your Swarm
Where the Journey to a Great Visual Story Begins
A New Comprehensive Course on MZed
How this Technology Has Inspired Films to This Day
Tips on Handling the Sun from Paul Atkins, ASC
Depicting Beauty in the Mundane
The concept of authentic artificiality and how it started
Explore the origins of El Conde's unique look
A playground for beauty and bizarreness
Join Paul Atkins, ASC, and Stephen Lighthill, ASC for a master course
MZed Pro members are invited to learn how to find the hidden truth in a scene
How to pull of a "Vertigo" shot
Tips and exercises to perfect the rehearsal
Breaking down a couple scenes that are particularly emotional
Practical lights, movie lights, or a combination of both?
Tito Ferradans is back with more anamorphic rigging secrets
Here's some ideas and examples of how to visually enhance a documentary
Are you ready to become a lighting wizard?
Perspective, size, tone, and other cues add cinematic depth
Bringing your ideas to life starts with the pitch deck
Reflecting on some favorite courses
Expand your audience with these tips
Foley can enhance any video or film project, and you don't need a studio to do it
Tips from an Oscar-winning Film Editor
Tips to ensure your trip and production go smoothly
Learn how even simple camera moves like pans and tilts are used by the masters
Setting the stage for your film is essential, and there's some new AI tools to help
Enrich your filmmaking storytelling with these tips on symbols, signs, and metaphors
Zoom, Teams, Google Meet - ARRI shows you how to look your best for video calls
Focus may be a simple tool in the filmmaker's tool belt, but it has incredible power when used for storytelling
Let's explore some film examples that use aspect ratio to drive the story
A wildlife filmmaking workshop was recently held at Jackson Wild Summit
Zoom-Out videos are trending right now, so here's a tutorial on how to create infinite zoom with AI
Writer/Director Rin Ehlers Sheldon talks about why this course was made
Imbalance is a strong tool when composing a shot
Lines are an essential element for masterful shot composition
Used correctly, color grading can draw their eyes to where you want them to look
ARRI experts show you to clean your lenses properly
Quick tips on creating cinematic looks
A beginner's guide to motorized timelapse
Understanding when to cut and why can enhance your superpowers in filmmaking
Here's how to get your indie film seen
Virtual production is not just for Hollywood anymore
This year at NAB we have our very own booth - stop by for prizes and free access to MZed Pro
Creating a full soundscape is essential for the viewing experience
Seth Worley provides tips on how to write a unique short film
Everyday is a good day to start YouTubing. Here's the smart way to begin.
Lens guru Tito Ferradans has created a USSR Lens Buyer's Guide
Uninterrupted sequences add incredible suspense and tension, but they require careful planning
A little bit goes a long way with applying camera filters to spice up an interview
Shot size, composition, depth of field, camera language, and more.
Live streaming is found at every corner of the video production world now
Ollie Kenchington is back with an epic course, all about the Canon EOS R5 C
Clouds, cars, people, events - they all have the perfect timelapse interval
This year, try something completely different. It'll open you up to entirely new opportunities.
A new book entitled "Gofers" provides insight into this crucial film industry role
We're excited to announce our new partnership with Angelbird
Learn how to shoot timelapses from a legendary timelapse filmmaker
It's never too late to give the gift of education to a filmmaker or film student in your life.
If you want to grab a producer or funder's attention, you need a memorable pitch deck.
By sideloading the MZed iOS app, you can now download and watch courses offline on your desktop.
Dave walks us through his entire editing workflow, which he’s refined over the course of his YouTube journey.
Tom Cross ACE discusses the complexity of editor director relationships
Finding the money is not easy, but it's essential to making a career from adventure filmmaking
Learn how to simulate the anamorphic look using affordable lens mods and editing techniques.
Philip Bloom shows you how to adapt a story to unpredictable shooting conditions.
The American Society of Cinematographers is back with their world-renown in-person workshops
Learn to build a documentary filmmaking career with legendary Producer/Director Russ Malkin of the Long Way series with Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman.
Booth visitors will receive free 30-day access to MZed Pro and other prizes!
Using Google Chrome, you can follow along with a live transcript in any language
Read an interview with Wu about the challenges of producing "The Devil's Fortune"
Using a simple candlelight trick can transform your cinematography
Learning to work with clients is essential to building a video editing business
Stream the ARRI Tech Talk Live videos or download and watch them offline with the iOS app.
Learn how to edit like a speed demon from YouTuber Dave Maze
Tell us why you deserve the camera with a 1 minute video, enter by June 30, 2022
For some looks, nothing beats the flaws and imperfections of vintage lenses
You won't find a better Adobe Premiere Pro course anywhere else
MZed Pro members get additional perks during their annual subscription
The key to charging more and filming less weddings is to move up into higher end weddings
All MZed Pro members are entered to win a $1499 SIRUI T2.9 Full Frame Anamorphic Lens
How do you simulate a moving car shot, without resorting to expensive trailers or special fx?
Every indie film is different, but here are some guidelines to help you get started
There's a few reasons to use a tilt shift lens, from timelapse, to architecture, to portraits
For our March giveaway we have the world's first telescopic tube light to give away
The reasons we prefer greens and reds over blue can help inform us as visual storytellers.
From photo sites to ARRIRAW recording, here's how the tech creates the ARRI look.
Using wall cards, along with other methods of organization, are essential to film editors.
Master photographer Jerry Ghionis teaches you one essential tip for posing female subjects
For this year's resolution, make 2022 the year you focus on the business side of filmmaking.
MZed Pro members are automatically entered to win each month
Watching classic films can help you learn how to make your own stories better
You can't go it alone on YouTube - finding other Youtubers to work with is the key to growth.
There's an art to being both a producer and shooter on docs - here's how.
Together, we can provide you even more tools to help you on your filmmaking journey.
To be a filmmaker used to mean film school, studios, and lots of bagels. Now it's becoming a Youtuber.
The world's biggest film festival is back with more prizes and a TikTok contest
MZed Pro members can win this live production, switching, and streaming workhorse.
Grading multiple cameras and recording wireless audio will be a breeze with these giveaway prizes.
Freelensing or Lens Whacking is a cheap and delightful way to add a unique, creative effect to your visuals.
Learn to control digital lighting using DMX, RDM, Wireless controls, and ethernet networks.
We're floored by all of the video submissions from MZed Pro members.
MZed Pro members will now have access to every course, period.
Ollie Kenchington guides you through editing a documentary, commercial promo, multicam music video, and more.
New York City filmmaker Thomas J. Cooksey is a director, cinematographer, editor, and occasional actor.
Recently shot lens examples and demonstrations make this course even better.
Scotland filmmaker Tom Alner sees every film as a chance to get better at his craft.
MZed Pro members are automatically entered to win each month!
Are you an MZed Pro? Win a Canon C70 cinema camera by making a short video about yourself!
Italian filmmaker Simone de Gasperis first mastered visual effects before moving to shooting in the field.
UK-based director, producer, shooter and editor Adrian Storey - aka Uchujin - finds inspiration in diversity of lifestyles.
MZed Pro members will automatically be entered to win filmmaking gear prizes.
New York based filmmaker Jonathan Cortizo shares his approach to improving his documentary skills.
Philip Bloom's exceptional course is now available to all MZed Pro members.
MZed Pro member Philip London shares how he stays passionate about wedding filmmaking.
From development, pre-production, and principal photography to post-production and distribution, here is the entire process.
MZed members are invited to become early adopters or supporters
The world's largest short film competition is now open for entries.
While you wait for filmmaking production work to resume, here are four types of videos that clients are hiring for right now.
We're pleased to announce nine winners from around the world
Watch a free lesson and enter to win $4,000 worth of wedding filmmaking prizes!
We are humbled by your generosity - thank you!
Watch a variety of filmmaking lessons for free - just create a login to get started.
12 winners will take home gear, but every entry got a free lesson in camera movement
MZed is donating a portion of all memberships and purchases to Los Angeles Food Bank
In a documentary production, do you interview first, and then decide what to film? Or do you plan the visuals first and wrap with the interview?
Watch a free lesson and enter to win $3,000 worth of filmmaking prizes!
Celebrate the end of the decade with this ARRI Academy masterclass with Julio Macat.
High Dynamic Range is taking over filmmaking, monitoring, viewing, and projection, but what actually is HDR?
The 3-day workshop is coming to Brooklyn, NY on December 6-8
With the MZed iOS App, you can download courses and lessons to your device to watch offline.
RØDE is awarding a 12-month dream internship in Sydney, Australia, and we're proud to offer our education and mentorship to the lucky winners.
Media management and organizing footage are essential to video editing. Here are a few styles of workflows that you can use in any NLE.
The most comprehensive color grading tutorial is now available to all MZed Pro members.
If you're new to MZed courses, start here.
English and Spanish subtitles enable more filmmakers to watch ARRI courses on MZed.
When you finish an MZed online course, shouldn’t you deserve a little recognition? Now you can download and print a certificate of completion.
Moonlight’s James Laxton ASC illustrates why a large format ARRI camera is not just for action films.
ARRI’s official online training courses will now be available exclusively on MZed.
It might be wise to start your video editing journey with DaVinci Resolve. Here's why.
You can watch our courses on your computer, phone or tablet, but did you know there’s an easy way to do it on your Apple TV?
Are your old cameras gathering dust? Use them as time lapse workhorses.
Can't get to the actual location before the shoot? Take a tip from Alex Buono and use these great online tools.

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