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To be a filmmaker used to mean film school, studios, and lots of bagels. Now it's becoming a Youtuber.
The world's biggest film festival is back with more prizes and a TikTok contest
MZed Pro members can win this live production, switching, and streaming workhorse.
You can now Sideload the MZed App on your Macbook or Mac Mini
Grading multiple cameras and recording wireless audio will be a breeze with these giveaway prizes.
Freelensing or Lens Whacking is a cheap and delightful way to add a unique, creative effect to your visuals.
Learn to control digital lighting using DMX, RDM, Wireless controls, and ethernet networks.
We're floored by all of the video submissions from MZed Pro members.
Currently taught remotely via Zoom, now anyone in the world can take the ASC's cinematography workshop
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Ollie Kenchington guides you through editing a documentary, commercial promo, multicam music video, and more.
New York City filmmaker Thomas J. Cooksey is a director, cinematographer, editor, and occasional actor.
Recently shot lens examples and demonstrations make this course even better.
Scotland filmmaker Tom Alner sees every film as a chance to get better at his craft.
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Italian filmmaker Simone de Gasperis first mastered visual effects before moving to shooting in the field.
UK-based director, producer, shooter and editor Adrian Storey - aka Uchujin - finds inspiration in diversity of lifestyles.
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New York based filmmaker Jonathan Cortizo shares his approach to improving his documentary skills.
Philip Bloom's exceptional course is now available to all MZed Pro members.
MZed Pro member Philip London shares how he stays passionate about wedding filmmaking.
French, Russian, Hindi, Chinese, Spanish, Portugese and many more languages supported.
What does a cinematographer do during the 5 stages of film production?
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The world's largest short film competition is now open for entries.
While you wait for filmmaking production work to resume, here are four types of videos that clients are hiring for right now.
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In a documentary production, do you interview first, and then decide what B-roll to film? Or do you plan the visuals first and wrap with the interview?
Watch a free lesson and enter to win $3,000 worth of filmmaking prizes!
It's never too late to give the gift of education to a filmmaker or film student in your life.
Celebrate the end of the decade with this ARRI Academy masterclass with Julio Macat.
High Dynamic Range is taking over filmmaking, monitoring, viewing, and projection, but what actually is HDR?
The 3-day workshop is coming to Brooklyn, NY on December 6-8
With the MZed iOS App, you can download courses and lessons to your device to watch offline.
RØDE is awarding a 12-month dream internship in Sydney, Australia, and we're proud to offer our education and mentorship to the lucky winners.
Media management and organizing footage are essential to video editing. Here are a few styles of workflows that you can use in any NLE.
The most comprehensive color grading tutorial is now available to all MZed Pro members.
If you're new to MZed and learning how to become a filmmaker, start here.
English and Spanish subtitles enable more filmmakers to watch ARRI courses on MZed.
When you finish an MZed online course, shouldn’t you deserve a little recognition? Now you can download and print a certificate of completion.
Moonlight’s James Laxton ASC illustrates why a large format ARRI camera is not just for action films.
ARRI’s official online training courses will now be available exclusively on MZed.
It might be wise to start your video editing journey with DaVinci Resolve. Here's why.
You can watch our courses on your computer, phone or tablet, but did you know there’s an easy way to do it on your Apple TV?
Shane Hurlbut's new course teaches you the ins and outs of lighting, power, and how to avoid getting electrocuted.
Are your old cameras gathering dust? Repurpose them as time lapse workhorses.
Can't get to the actual location before the shoot? Take a tip from Alex Buono and use these great online tools.

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