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Filmmaking for Photographers

Philip Bloom

Filmmaking for Photographers

Philip Bloom
7h 22m
6 modules (view curriculum)

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    7h 22m


Philip Bloom returns with Filmmaking for Photographers, the ultimate guide to making the jump from telling a story in a single frame to telling a story over time and space. Following on from his acclaimed Cinematic Masterclass, this course is aimed at established photographers, but includes new techniques, practice and workflows that makes it equally relevant to filmmakers alike. As always it will be educational, entertaining and cinematic, with his usual blend of unique humour and tips.

Subtitles available: English


1h 07m

In this first episode, Philip shows you what you will need to turn your stills camera into a filmmaking machine and get the most out of it. Then we look at the first major difference between stills and film (and something that is equally important as the image!), the addition of sound. Philip gives us an in-depth look at the various types of microphones and recorders, and demystifies polar patterns to help you get the best sound possible in any type of location. We finish by looking at the art of foley.

Subtitles available: English


In this episode Philip explores light and the different approach you require for filmmaking. We’ll look at filming exteriors, how we’re affected by factors like the time of day or year, the weather, the location, and how the movement of that great keylight in the sky, the sun, affects our choices. Then we continue to look at interiors and explore how to craft the scene and mood of an environment to becomes a character of its own in your film. We'll look at common lighting styles both photographic and cinematic, how to practice with them and see how they’re used to communicate beyond just what we see. Finally Philip guides us through lighting people, and the particular challenge when we introduce movement.

Subtitles available: English

1h 05m

The biggest difference between photography and film is movement. It’s not just how we move but why. In this lesson Philip explains the reasoning behind movement in filmmaking. We will look at the different styles of movement, from basic handheld to gimbals, as well as movement within the frame. We'll then look at how lens choice mixed with angle and composition affects what we see on camera and our sense of movement. We will also look at different framing choices and how the 180-degree rule informs the entering and leaving of the frame. Finally we will follow Philip as he plans to block out a large one-shot moving sequence.

Subtitles available: English

1h 00m

In photography everything depends on that single image, however in film no single image stands on its own. In filmmaking everything we see on screen is a sequence, and understanding how we construct them is essential to filmmaking. In this episode Philip explores how to plan out sequential stories. We discuss how the unique art and psychology of filmmaking can be seen, mastered and broken including the all-important 180-degree rule. Learn how editing starts before we even begin filming and follow Philip to see his process as he creates various sequences.

Subtitles available: English

1h 08m

It’s stories that make us watch films, without them our attention span is very limited. As a species we communicate through stories and have passed down our history and lessons for millenia. In this modern age where we have so much content around us the story is even more important, as a good story will make your work stand out in a sea of noise. In the past four episodes we have looked at all the key elements that differentiate photography from filmmaking. In this episode Philip puts it all into practice in real world situations, showing how he ties all the previous lessons together to make both a promotional video for private accommodation and then a commercial piece for a restaurant.

Subtitles available: English

2h 02m

One of the biggest differences between photography and video is the amount of time you spend in post production. Editing video can be very time-intensive, even for experienced filmmakers. In this episode Philip takes us through key post steps such such as preparing and organising your footage, pacing and timing in editing, and working with audio, music and color, as well as general tips and tricks to get the best possible results.

Subtitles available: English

About the Educator

Philip Bloom is a world-renowned filmmaker who has shot feature film, factual news and documentary. With a career spanning more than three decades, the past 10 years have seen him specialize in creating incredible cinematic images with a myriad of cameras.


The course provided insight on the process of making a short film with numerous practical tips. I look forward to watching the masterclass.
Jeffrey Liva
I would like to extend sincere thanks to Philip Bloom and his team for putting together a fantastic course. This is an exceptional piece of work. Highly informative, engaging, and funny in the right places. Philip has knocked it out of the park with this course and I looking forward to taking the next one!
Wayne Rice
David Medina
Outstanding start for those heading from photography to video.
Michael Fauser
It's hard to come up with a superlative that doesn't sound like a cliche. Superb. Brilliant. Awesome. You get the idea. This is an excellent course, taught by an exceptional film maker and teacher. This course alone is worth the Premium membership to MZed (No, I am NOT a sponsored member). Add Philip Bloom's previous course and it becomes a bargain. Highly recommended.
Marshall Cant
Great course. Help me a lot to put things together.
Humberto Boncristiani
I learnt so much from this course; now I just have to put it into practice! Now on to some shoot and editing and then onto Philip's MZed cine' course! Not only is Philip an excellent instructor, but I had quite a number of genuine chuckles with his commentary and even his cats!
Martin Turner
Phillip's superb teaching style, sense of humor, and of course the cats make this an extremely informative and thoroughly enjoyable course. It's had a HUGE impact on how I look at shooting, sound, lighting, and editing. THANK YOU for making this course!
Matt Pignataro
Very interesting course. Thanks a lot to Philip Bloom and his team!
Alexander Sakharov
Thank you ❤️
Patrick Maynard
I found this course very helpful and easy to watch. I appreciate Philip's style and sense of humor. It may help that I also like cats. This is a great overview and I think hit the target for those photographers moving into video.
Stephen Holmlund
Really enjoyed it, I will probably have to go from the start again to reinforce everything as it covers so many areas, amazed at what footage Phillip produces with a digital photographic camera, I really have learnt a lot from this course thank you.
Simon Reynolds
Great cours. Probably the best ;)
Dawid Lepke
Phillip, your love of filmmaking, and of teaching are absolutely contagious. I learned more about the media than I could have hoped for. Mostly to be passionate and flexible. Thanks so much for your gift!
Gary Voorhees
Thank you MZed and Philip Bloom for this great course. It was informative, inspiring, and entertaining. Those drone shots of the castle in the snow were so spectacular. I'm still mulling over what will be my first spec opportunity. Thank you for giving me confidence to go out and create something new.
Sarah MacClary
Great Course!
Harsha Chapalamadugu
Absolutely mammoth course but most definitely worth it. Everything is broken down simply to give you the push in the right direction.
Edward Davies
Overall, it’s a good course and certainly matches the course description. I was hoping for a bit more depth on post-production. I’ll certainly watch Philip’s other course.
Richard Weeks

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