Angelbird Customers Get 10 Days to Try MZed Pro

We're excited to announce our new partnership with Angelbird

We have some great news to share: MZed is partnering with Angelbird, one of the leading makers of professional camera recording media, and we are giving free 10-day access to all MZed Pro courses to customers of Angelbird products. The unique access codes are included inside the packaging of Angelbird memory cards & readers. 

We’re quite proud about what we are building here at MZed. Since CineD took over the platform more than a year ago, we have not only produced and added way over 10 new courses to the library (with many more in production and post-production). In total, the MZed Pro library now contains over 50 courses with the MZed Pro subscription – we have also started lots of cooperations with manufacturers to broaden the education of filmmaking as much as possible, to as many creatives as possible. Many of those other cooperations will be announced over the coming months. 

Angelbird MZed

Free MZed Pro Trial for 30 days with Angelbird

A lot of people have asked us about a “free trial” of MZed Pro, the yearly subscription product of MZed which contains access to 50+ unique courses, and dozens of discounts and freebies. Because we value the work of our course creators community, we decided that the free trial should be tied to a purchase from reputable manufacturers or retailers. And as such, Angelbird is one of our first partners to offer a physical card with a unique 10-day trial code for MZed Pro inside their packaging.

So it doesn’t matter where you buy your Angelbird product, because they’ve been adding the MZed Pro 10-day trial codes to their products for many months now – by now the codes should be inside every Angelbird product stacked in shelves, online retailers, and elsewhere.

The MZed Pro discount code is included with almost all Angelbird products - only AV PRO AR (CFast for ARRI), and RED products (CFast and CFexpress), as well as cables and adapters don’t include the MZed Pro free trial card. 

What does the trial get you?

With the trial, you have full access to all 50+ courses, over 700 lessons and close to 500 hours worth of content (and growing fast). The trial will transfer into a paid annual subscription after 10 days unless it’s cancelled before. What’s not included with the 10-day trial is access to dozens of discounts and freebies a paid membership of MZed Pro entails, for example a 30GB lifetime cloud storage account with pCloud, various eBooks on anamorphic shooting and other filming techniques, and much, much more. 

MZed Pro is the best online course subscription for filmmakers and creatives

Think of MZed Pro as a “Netflix for filmmakers”, simply the highest-quality and most diverse source of professional filmmaking education on the planet.

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Here’s a quick summary of the MZed Pro subscription:

Over 700 high-quality lessons spanning nearly 400 hours of learning. Plus many more courses are on the way.

Highly produced courses from educators who have decades of experience and awards, including a Pulitzer Prize and an Academy Award.

Exclusive access to videos and master classes from ARRI Academy and The American Society of Cinematographers (ASC).

Unlimited access to stream all the content during the 12 months.

Offline download and viewing with the MZed iOS app.

Purchasing the courses outright would cost over $8,000.

7-day money back guarantee if you decide it’s not for you.

What are you waiting for? Go get your Angelbird memory card or reader and give MZed Pro a try. You won't regret it. It's the perfect way to spend your holidays - becoming a better filmmaker. 

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