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If you’re into serious filmmaking, you’re probably already familiar with the ARRI Tech Talk Live video series over on YouTube, right? Now this series is getting a second home at MZed, where all videos are of course also free to watch.

The ARRI Tech Talk Live video series covers everything from cameras (of course) to lighting, stabilizer systems and accessories, both mechanical and electronic. It’s basically a one-stop shop for all things ARRI, with audience questions answered as well.

Simply put, you’ll get a vast resource of ARRI-related knowledge, hands-on workshops, and interesting insights into, for example, the history of ALEXA, which just turned 10 years old.

ARRI Tech Talk Live series

Of course, you can watch all the videos on YouTube, but now ARRI has brought the lectures to MZed, where they are free for everyone to watch, not just MZed Pro subscribers. That means you don’t need anything except an MZed account, no subscription is required – all the videos in the ARRI Tech Talk Live series are completely free.

One upside of watching the videos on MZed is that the sometimes slightly longer videos continue exactly where you left off, so you can watch them as you go along and don’t have to keep looking for the right spot.

ARRI Tech Talk Live on MZed iOS app

And with the MZed iOS app, you can also download the ARRI Tech Talk Live videos and watch them offline, for example, on a plane trip or on a long weekend somewhere without an Internet connection.

So you’re wondering what’s in it? Well, here’s a list of all the topics covered in the series so far. Of course, more videos will be added over time. The complete series consists of 23 modules with a total running time of 16h 44m… so far!

  • - 10th Anniversary of ALEXA (41m)
  • - Electronic Control System (39m)
  • - SkyPanel, Orbiter, Stellar (54m)
  • - Camera Stabilizer TRINITY (48m)
  • - How to clean your lenses properly (43m)
  • - Workflow: Frame Line & Lens Illumination Tool (36m)
  • - Efficient Rigging for ALEXA Mini LF (32m)
  • - New accessories for the camera crew (41m)
  • - 6 ways to light faces for livestream (10m)
  • - Creative broadcasting with the ARRI Multicam System (38m)
  • - SRH-360 in Remote Operating Workflow (51m)
  • - The new ARRI EF Mount (LBUS) (26m)
  • - Commercial Lighting Basics (45m)
  • - Making the Most of Lens Data (39m)
  • - Insights into CODEX HDE (49m)
  • - Remote Production Solutions without Compromise (56m)
  • - One-Takers with TRINITY (57m)
  • - Insights into the AMIRA Live system (27m)
  • - Orbiter in soft light applications (1h 17m)
  • - ARRI Metadata for Mixed Reality Production (28m)
  • - Working with LED Walls in Mixed Reality (1h 03m)
  • - DP John Matyśiak Shares His Secrets for Filming OLD HENRY: A Classic Western (1h 09m)
  • - Remote Lighting Workflow for Multi-location Livestreams (25m)

So there really is something for everyone. And there will certainly be more episodes to come. Enjoy the course!

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