How To Succeed as a Freelance Video Editor

Learning to work with clients is essential to building a video editing business

Whether you’re an experienced video editor that has recently decided to go freelance or a newbie trying to turn a hobby into a career, chances are your technical skills will only play a secondary role in helping you build your first-ever client base. 

Indeed, what you truly need is a solid set of soft skills that will allow you to bring in new clients, manage your relationship with them, and leave an indelible mark in their minds, so they can become faithful, recurring customers of yours. All this is just as important as knowing how (and why) to perform a cut.

learn premiere

In his Learn Everything in Premiere Pro course – an extensive 25-hours long program exploring every aspect of the software – Senior Editor Digby Hogan also takes some time to share business tricks and tips for building a thriving career as a video editor. Let’s take a look at his suggestions.

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