Indie Film Distribution

Here's how to get your indie film seen

Let’s imagine you’re an aspiring director, a passionate producer starting out, or a filmmaker planning their first or second short. You’ve got a pretty neat script, a motivated crew, and even a bit of a budget to cover your equipment and catering. What do you think you might have forgotten to consider at this point? Let me guess! Distribution. As it turns out, 30% of independent filmmakers somehow miss this very important part of the equation. In the course “Producing from the Front”, an award-winning producer, DP, and our CineD colleague Graham Ehlers Sheldon have the whole module on how to get your indie film seen. In this article, we gathered the key points, which will help your vision go out into the world.

Read the full article at CineD - How to Get Your Indie Film Seen – Key Points of Distribution



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