How to Light for Livestream

Zoom, Teams, Google Meet - ARRI shows you how to look your best for video calls

Since COVID-19 kicked in, livestreams have become a normal part of our daily routine. We watch big conferences and announcements with participants and speakers from all over the world. We hop on Zoom calls from the home office more often than not, and we even make video interviews remotely.

In most cases, it’s almost always important to have a nice picture. This is why ARRI experts demonstrated a selection of quick techniques designed to assist you in effectively lighting faces for live streaming and other similar purposes. (I mean you, fellow YouTubers, as this information might be useful for your channels as well!) Here we will give you a short recap and describe some of their insights.

Read the full article at CineD - How to Light Faces for Livestream? – Quick Tips from ARRI Specialists

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