How to Use Long Takes or Oners in Your Film

Uninterrupted sequences add incredible suspense and tension, but they require careful planning

Recently, I watched “The Bear”, an American TV series that premiered on Hulu last year. The show follows a young award-winning chef who tries to save his late brother’s rundown café in Chicago that’s falling apart. It received a lot of praise for its brilliant directing and performances. But what also caught my attention was a one-take episode towards the end of the season. At 17 minutes long, the cortisol level in my blood had seriously spiked (as intended, I reckon). I can’t stop asking myself: what’s needed to create a suspenseful long take? Not necessarily in terms of equipment and crew, but blocking & camera-wise. Let’s try to find an answer together!

Read the full article at CineD: How to Create a Suspenseful Long Take – With Movie/TV Scene Examples

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