Master the Moment Giveaway

Watch a free lesson and enter to win $4,000 worth of wedding filmmaking prizes!

To celebrate the launch of our newest premium course - Ray Roman’s Master the Moment - we’ve put together a giveaway that you won’t want to miss! In addition to the filmmaking gear prizes listed below, we're also giving away free access to one of the lessons in the course. All the info on how to enter is below.

But first, here's a short terstimonial from a filmmaker who recently watched this amazing course:

One of the most applicable and practical courses I’ve ever experienced. Ray took the time to literally walk through what he does on a wedding day in many different situations. If you’re serious about improving in the wedding filmmaking industry and want to start charging more money, I’m not sure how you can justify not purchasing this class.

Master the Moment is a wedding filmmaking course unlike anything the world has seen. If you’re thinking about getting into weddings, or you’ve been in the business for a while but want to enter a higher tier of clientele, this course will show you how to do it, step-by-step.

Ray Roman is considered the world’s premier wedding filmmaker, known for his elegent visual stories that he has created for celebrities, musicians, royalty, professional athletes and billionares for more than a decade. He has set the standard in luxury wedding films.

In this course, Ray walks you through precisely how he shoots and edits his films, down to each shot that goes into the entire wedding day. The attention to detail in this course illustrates the kind of filmmaker Ray is, and you’ll come away with every bit of wisdom that Ray has acquired through hundreds of weddings.

Ray Roman wedding filmmaking course

The course is available for puchase for $249, which includes lifetime access, downloadable lessons for offline viewing, and a sample contract that you can use for your wedding productions. MZed Pro members can purchase it at a discounted price of $149, and new MZed Pro Premium members can purchase both the MZed Pro subscription and the Master the Moment course for only $399.

But for this giveaway, we’re opening up the first lesson of Master the Moment completely free to everyone - all you need to do is create a free MZed account and you can watch this 21 minute lesson immediately. Or if you have an iOS device you can watch it without creating an account in the MZed app!

Click here to watch the “Getting Started” lesson.

MZed Giveaway Prizes

As you’re watching the “Getting Started” lesson, make sure to pay close attention, because you could win some of our amazing filmmaking gear prizes.

All you have to do is answer a question about something from the introductory module, fill out the Gleam competition, and you’ll be entered to win the following gifts:

Kinotehnik Practilite 602 (3 available)

practilite 602 fresnel lightAfter trying out many lights out there, Ray Roman discovered the Kinotehnik Practilite 602 and it’s now the light he depends on for all of his high end weddings. If you’re shooting a wedding, this light will become your best friend.

Variable color temperature and an adjustable beam angle of 15-75 degrees means you can custom shape the Practilite 602 to every situation, without fearing that you’ll spill light onto the intimate ceremony or reception.

We’re super excited to give this light away, we know just how important it’ll become for anyone who is lucky enough to win it, and we’re grateful to Kinotehnik for the contribution!

Rhino RŌV Pro Motorized Slider

Rhino ROV Pro motorized sliderTo work quickly and effortlessly in a time crunch, you need a motorized slider to grab those essential shots that might otherwise be ruined by your repeated manual slide attempts.

Ray swears by Rhino sliders and we trust his word. The Rhino RŌV Pro is a compact slider with a travel distance of 8 inches. With your phone acting as control, you can choose precisely the speed of your slide, even if that means a motorized timelapse captured over hours.

This innovative slider is only 1.3 lbs but it accepts cameras up to 5lbs. We wish everyone the best of luck because whoever wins this Rhino slider will be a happy filmmaker!

RØDE Wireless Go and Lavalier Kit in White - (3 available)

RODE Wireless Go White WeddingWhen RØDE released the Wireless Go compact wireless sytem, many filmmakers said goodbye to their bulky lav kits and never looked back.

But the recent addition of the Wireless Go and its lavalier kit in all white is a huge boost to wedding filmmakers who can now mic brides (and grooms) effortlessly. The small size and weight and simplicity of this system is a game changer for wedding filmmakers. Thank you RØDE for the contribution!

B&H $50 gift card (2 available)

B&H Photo Video gift cardWho couldn’t use a $50 gift card to B&H Photo Video right now? Let’s be honest, we all have wishlists that we’d like to order any minute now.

B&H Photo Video is pretty much where wedding filmmakers hang out when they're not shooting weddings, so a gift card is a nice little bonus for your next visit.

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Master the Moment Wedding Giveaway

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Master the Moment Giveaway

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