MZed and American Society of Cinematographers (ASC) Announce Educational Cooperation

At this year’s CamerImage festival in Toruń, Poland, CineD, with its filmmaking education platform MZed, and the American Society of Cinematographers (ASC) have announced a cooperation agreement.

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ASC Educational Content on MZed

As a first step of the cooperation, MZed  will start offering ASC video content, such as conversations with world-renowned cinematographers like Phedon Papamichael, ASC, Hoyte van Hoytema, ASC, Polly Morgan, ASC, Checco Varese, ASC, and many others. In these videos the world-renowned cinematographers share their inspirations and experiences while analyzing their work and creative processes. This content will be updated consistently.

Next: ASC Wildlife Filmmaking & Interview Lighting Workshops – Exclusively on MZed

During this year’s Jackson Wild Summit held in a natural reserve in Austria, the American Society of Cinematographers hosted a Wildlife Filmmaking workshop as well as a Lighting workshop. Paul Atkins, ASC, one of the most renowned wildlife cinematographers in the world, and Stephen Lighthill, ASC (President of the ASC), hosted three days of hands-on workshops to up-and-coming wildlife filmmakers from all over the world, with a particular emphasis on Africa and Asia. CineD video producers captured both workshops and will release them on MZed as online courses in the coming months. 

In conjunction with the ASC and Jackson Wild, MZed will make the Wildlife Filmmaking workshop available free of charge to filmmaking students and professionals around the world. The ASC Interview Lighting workshop will be available as part of the MZed Pro filmmaking education subscription and as a separate purchase.

ASC MZed CineD

Fostering education about cinematography

The ASC is delighted to share some of its educational content with MZed, to further expand our outreach to cinematographers and film students around the world”, says ASC President Stephen Lighthill, ASC.  “Education is the core mission of the ASC”.

MZed, CineD, and The ASC all share a unified mission to educate filmmakers from all corners of our industry,” says MZed manager Slavik Boyechko. “I am thrilled because this partnership means more filmmakers around the world will now have access to the wisdom and guidance of The ASC’s legendary cinematographers.”

CineD’s Co-CEO Nino Leitner, AAC says, “For many of us, ASC members are the cinematography heroes we look up to. As Terry McCarthy has pointed out to me before, there’s no craft in filmmaking that has more comradery amongst their peers than cinematography. I’ll add that there’s also no organization with more history and experience in cinematography and more dedication towards the progression of the art of cinematography than the American Society of Cinematographers. We are incredibly humbled to partner with the ASC. ASC members are the cinematography heroes we have looked up to our entire lives, and their work for me is also the reason why I do what I do. The CineD and MZed community of lifetime learners will now be able to learn from the very best cinematographers in the world.”

Black Friday on MZed coming up

MZed is about to launch its largest Black Friday promotion to date. For one week only, new and renewing MZed Pro subscribers will receive a full package of production assets from Artlist, a free eBook “Gofers – On the Front Lines of Television”, and a free issue of the American Cinematographer magazine. On top of that, there will be a giveaway for incredible prizes from FUJIFILM, Accsoon, SWIT, SIRUI and Videndum Media Solutions. MZed Pro contains about 50 courses from some of the most renowned filmmakers in the world, 350+ hours worth of content and over 700 lessons. 

About the ASC, CineD & MZed

The American Society of Cinematographers (ASC) was founded in Hollywood in 1919 with the purpose of advancing the art and science of cinematography and bringing cinematographers together to exchange ideas, discuss techniques and promote the motion picture as an art form — a mission that continues today.

CineD is the leading digital filmmaking news, reviews and community platform, covering the latest in cinematography, mirrorless camera & large sensor technology. New cameras are tested for their feasibility for motion picture capture both in real-life and Lab Tests, in video and written form. These Lab Tests as well as their unique Camera & Lens Databases are renowned for their standardized approach to testing new cameras and making them comparable. 

Founded over 50 years ago, MZed’s mission is to advance the craft of filmmakers, photographers and creative professionals through excellence in education. MZed has become the leading platform for filmmaking education with its subscription offer MZed Pro, which gives access to over 400 hours worth of highest-quality courses from some of the world’s leading filmmakers and creatives. Since 2021, CineD is the parent company of MZed.


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