MZed Educator Rubidium Wu Releases New Indie Film

Read an interview with Wu about the challenges of producing "The Devil's Fortune"

Producing an independent feature film is a challenge on its own. Let alone doing it in the midst of a global pandemic. That’s exactly the mountain that director Rubidium Wu had to climb while shooting his latest film “The Devil’s Fortune”. We recently had the opportunity to sit down with him to talk about the lessons he has learned along this path.

Rubidium Wu is a writer, director, producer, and cinematographer that is just coming off from his latest directing effort – the indie feature The Devil’s Fortune. You may already know him for his successful educational work. His YouTube channel Crimson Engine has collected millions of views over the years, and we are proud to host his “The Indie Film Blueprint” course on MZed.

Rubidium Wu indie film devil's fortune

The Devil’s Fortune, which is launching today on Apple TV and Amazon Prime, is Rubidium’s second feature film after Brooklyn Tide (2016). This neo-noir financial thriller recounts the story of James Treage, a Fund Manager that walks into his office to find the dead body of his partner, killed by a team of Iraqi assassins for taking millions from Saddam Hussein’s regime. Before you go on reading, make sure to check out the trailer below.


Read the full article and interview at CineD - Interview With Rubidium Wu – Director of New Indie Film “The Devil’s Fortune”

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