Important Updates to MZed Pro

MZed Pro members will now have access to every course, period.

Today as we start the new year we’re also announcing some fresh updates to the MZed Pro membership.

The first change is that we will no longer have a Premium tier. Instead, MZed Pro members will immediately have access to the entire MZed library. This will also include all new courses and content moving forwards, right from the day of release. 



So as of today, as an MZed Pro you can stream Tom Cross ACE's "Art & Technique of Film Editing" as well as Ray Roman's "Master the Moment.” Both are incredible courses that have received outstanding ratings from students, so we welcome you to start your 2021 off with inspiration and concrete techniques to take your filmmaking to the next level.

This brings the total number of courses available in the MZed Pro membership to 37, a huge increase from the 10 we launched the service with, back in June of 2017. With such a large jump in value we’ve introduced a slight increase to the subscription rate for new members, up from $299 to $349 for the annual membership. That still works out to be incredible value, under $30 per month, $9 per course, or $0.87 per lesson, to access the entire MZed library which would cost over $9,000 to purchase individually.


At the same time we are permanently lowering the renewal rate for all existing members to $199, effective immediately. So if you are an existing MZed Pro, your next renewal will be at this new, lower rate, yet you will continue to get access to the entire existing library as well as any and all new additions during your membership.

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