New Course on ARRI Lighting Systems

Learn to control digital lighting using DMX, RDM, Wireless controls, and ethernet networks.

ARRI Academy has released a new course today, ARRI Lighting Systems Control. If you’ve ever wanted to improve your knowledge and proficiency with digital lighting, this course is for you. 

DMX, RDM, lighting protocols, ethernet vs wireless connections - there are a lot of terms and technologies that can be a little overwhelming for the filmmaker who is getting started with digital lighting. This course will demystify cutting edge lighting control systems, so you can confidently use these tools in your creative workflow.


The course is free to watch for MZed Pro members, and as always you can download the course and watch it offline with our iOS app. 

Watch ARRI Lighting Systems Control now.


ARRI Orbiter Light Now Shipping

Alongside this new course, ARRI is now shipping one of their most anticipated lights, the ARRI Orbiter. This is the next generation ARRI LED light, with a tunable super wide spectrum of output and color, a versatile operating and preset system, all in a portable housing that can be hung anywhere.


In order to fully utilize such a versatile light, this new course from ARRI Academy will get you past the learning curve, so you can demystify the technical barriers and start to use the Orbiter - and other ARRI lights - with ease.


ARRI Lighting Systems Control - What’s Inside

ARRI Academy's “Lighting Systems Control” with lighting professional and author Richard Cadena goes over the basics of digital lighting control technologies. Whether you are starting out in the lighting industry or looking to streamline your production workflow, this course is the ultimate guide to get you up and running with digital lighting control, using DMX, RDM, Wireless DMX, and ethernet-based networks.


Here’s a summary of every lesson in the course:



In the first lesson of the course, Richard Cadena goes over the basic applications and facts of DMX. DMX is a standard lighting control protocol for digital communication networks that are commonly used to control effects, stage, studio and set lighting.


Building DMX Networks

Richard Cadena explains how to build a bulletproof DMX network, along with the essential terms and tools, such as DMX universe, fixture personalities, and more.


Troubleshooting a DMX Network

When set up correctly, DMX networks are incredibly reliable however if something goes wrong you need to have a clear strategy for finding your solution. In this module, we will take an in-depth look at the best practices of setting and troubleshooting DMX network.



Most modern fixtures have built-in Remote Device Management capabilities, which allows users to send a variety of commands without a need to climb the ladder and adjust settings through the menu. In this lesson, Richard explains the ways RDM protocol can be used to streamline your lighting workflow.


Wireless DMX

With so much new technology becoming more reliable, it’s easier than ever to build your lighting system using wireless DMX. In this episode, Richard Cadena explains best practices for setting your own wireless system and explores the most common issues.


Introduction to Ethernet-based Networking

Live events, broadcast studios and big movie sets require larger lighting systems that demand multiple universes of DMX. To enable higher performance and efficiency for these lighting systems, Ethernet is the go-to. Richard Cadena explains the concept and necessary equipment for building ethernet lighting networks.


Testing Ethernet-based Networks

Follow along this live demonstration of PING and IPCONFIG commands to get you started on a journey to learn how to test and troubleshoot ethernet-based networks.



In this module, you will get a deep dive into one of the open ethernet protocols - Art-Net.


Streaming ACN (sACN)

Learn the difference between ArtNet and Streaming ACN, and how to choose a protocol that will be right for you.



In this module, Richard Cadena explores types of consoles, software, and basics of console programming to start creating lighting designs.


ARRI LED Ecosystem

ARRI’s Systems Engineer Patrick Schulze introduces the ARRI LED ecosystem that consists of four elements: software, hardware, communication and control. You will learn about SkyPanel and L-Series fixtures’ software, wireless DMX system SkyLink and a control app for iOS and Android – Stellar.


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