Learn EVERYTHING in Premiere Pro - New 25-Hour Long Course

You won't find a better Adobe Premiere Pro course anywhere else

Offering over 100 individual lessons across 13 sections, you won’t find better Adobe Premiere Pro training anywhere else. Senior Editor Digby Hogan will show you everything you need to know and support you along the way in understanding every aspect of Adobe Premiere Pro. 

From organizing your footage to editing, color correction, titles, transition, audio mixing, exporting, and more, there is everything you need in one place. This course includes over 25 hours of course content and allows you to easily understand Premiere Pro as you work at your own pace.

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What’s included in the Course?

  • - Section #1: Get Started
  • - Section #2: Organise Footage
  • - Section #3: Edit A Project
  • - Section #4: Apply Transitions
  • - Section #5: Audio Edit & Mix
  • - Section #6: Colour Grade
  • - Section #7: Add Titles
  • - Section #8: Export & Deliver 
  • - Section #9: Tips & Tricks
  • - Section #10: Understand Stock Media
  • - Section #11: Collaborate with a Pro
  • - Section #12: Make it a Career 
  • - Section #13: Create Your Brand
Be guided through each section of Premiere Pro as Digby makes sure you understand the ins and outs of everything you need to know. You’re in the safest of hands with Digby, as a Senior Editor, he has worked with some of the biggest brands and clients from around the globe and now you get to learn from one of the best.
Learn Premiere course sections

About Digby Hogan

Digby is an established Senior Editor and Director from Brisbane, Australia. He has been in the Film & TV industry since his late teens and has worked on projects for clients like Google, Paypal, Youtube, eBay, and Adobe, just to name a few.

In 2014, he co-founded his own post-production facility based around a collective of young creatives. He teaches professionally about editing and moviemaking on several online training outlets and in 2021, founded his own company specializing in online training. Aside from editing, directing, and instructing, he is obsessed with all things aviation which he likes to share his adventures on his social media channels.

Digby Hogan

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