The Magic of Creating Something From Just an Idea

New York City filmmaker Thomas J. Cooksey is a director, cinematographer, editor, and occasional actor.

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This week's feature is Thomas J. Cooksey, a fimmaker based in New York City.



Introduce yourself - who are you, where are you located, and what kind of creative work do you do?


My name is Thomas J. Cooksey and I am a Director, Cinematographer, and Editor. I was born and raised in New York City and earned a B.A. in Media Production from The State University at Buffalo. I later learned how to produce Film from watching Youtube videos. 



Since then, I have worked on numerous large budget as well as low budget video productions and have honed my skills as a director, cinematographer, and editor. I act in some of my productions but do not consider myself an actor.

Whether it be a 30-second spot for social media, a 30-minute spot for television or a 1-hour long feature for the theater, a love for storytelling is always at the core of my work. I currently teach film, editing, and audio/music production to teens and young adults for The City of New York.


What do you love best about your type of work?


I love the process. I love being able to create something magical from just an idea. I started just shooting videos but later on, I wanted to tell stories and I do just that and love it.



Tell us about a project you're especially proud of.


My first feature film Swipe is my pride and joy. Swipe was selected into a couple of film festivals in 2017 and I love it because it was my film school.




How do you like to learn - to improve your craft and grow your passion for your work?


I enjoy reading books on directing, I enjoy watching great teachers on Youtube and MZed!, and I just enjoy picking up equipment and figuring it out myself.


What are your future goals for your creative work?


I would love to eventually take the Tyler Perry route and open up a studio to house my production company and help other filmmakers out.



What are the challenges - or misconceptions - about the type of creative work you do?


The budget is usually my only restriction. But I am sure this is everyone's challenge, but that is my only one.



What do you like about being an MZed Pro?


I love the classes. They are well put together and I enjoy the affordability of such great classes.



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