Motion Graphics is Finding Beauty in CGI and in Nature

Italian filmmaker Simone de Gasperis first mastered visual effects before moving to shooting in the field.

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This week's feature is Italy-based Simone de Gasperis.



Introduce yourself - who are you, where are you located, and what kind of creative work do you do?


My name is Simone De Gasperis. I'm a Filmmaker and Motion Designer. I travel a lot around Europe to create a corporate videos and short documentaries. I have always been fascinated by the camera. Since I was a child, I have often had a camera in my hands thanks to my uncle and my father.

I think I have had a different career path than most filmmakers. I started studying Computer Graphics and VFX, specialising in Compositing, then I gradually moved on to the video shooting and photography field where I often applied the tricks and knowledge I acquired in the virtual environment of CGI.


REEL 2020 - Simone De Gasperis from Simone on Vimeo.


In the last few years I have been dedicating much more time to filmmaking. Although I continue to make motion graphics work, I tend to do less work but of better quality. Shooting, editing and color grading are thrilling myself more and more, especially in the context of documentary filmmaking. I hope I will be able to continue in this direction, by improving myself and telling stories that I love!



What do you love best about your type of work?


I'm Italian but I lived in Spain for the last 6 years, and now I'm back to the Italy. I'm buliding my new office in Pienza, Tuscany, in the middle of the nature. I love to work on postproduction in this context! And here also is a cool place to study new techniques with MZed courses! :-)


Photo by Venezio Venditti

I love my work because it is always different, with different challeges and emotions. I love to tell stories that I like. I'm especially proud of my last work - I'm still editing and grading it. It's a mini documentary about a french circus crew that travel across the country with their horses and self built caravans.


How do you like to learn - to improve your craft and grow your passion for your work?


Every month I reserve some days to study, I think it's the best part of being a freelancer because I love to learn and to experiment. It's the "spirit" of creative works.

I like a lot be part of the Mzed Pro program because it's different of the most of the courses. It was difficult for me find an advanced course in Davinci Resolve that was done well aestethetically and with examples of real works. Ollie Kenchington's courses on grading technique are amazing!



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