Watch MZed on your Apple TV

You can watch our courses on your computer, phone or tablet, but did you know there’s an easy way to do it on your Apple TV?

There’s so many great things about online education - of course we’d say that, but we firmly believe it. One thing that isn’t always great, however, is having to watch it on your computer.
At MZed we want you to get the most out of our lessons and courses and that means being able to watch in an environment and on a screen that you feel the most comfortable with.
online filmmaking courses on ios phone
How you watch a course might be different depending on time of day. For example, you might watch a lesson on the train on the way to work in the morning, using your phone, and then continue the lesson at lunch on your computer. After dinner, you might park on the couch and continue watching a course on your tablet or laptop.
But despite all these screens in our lives, the TV is arguably still king, so it makes sense to want to sit back on the couch and enjoy a lesson or two—especially our 4K courses.
online filmmaking courses on tv
While we are eagerly awaiting the release of our iOS app (it’s coming soon, we promise!) we wanted to let you know there’s a simple way to watch our courses using an Apple TV and your iPhone or iPad.

How to Watch MZed Filmmaking Courses on Apple TV

The MZed website is fully responsive and available on iPhone and iPad, so using your device, just log in to and browse to your desired course and lesson. When you play the video on your device, tap to enter full screen playback and then tap the Airplay button on the bottom of the playback controls. As long as your device and Apple TV are on the same network you should then see your Apple TV listed as a playback option. Select that and you’re good to go!
Streaming iOS to TV using Airplay
The blue button at the bottom accesses the Airplay device selection menu, shown right
What’s great about Apple Airplay is that it will stream the appropriate resolution for your TV, so if you do have a 4K TV (and adequate bandwidth) it will stream at 4K, even though your iOS device isn’t 4K. It fetches the stream direct from our servers, bypassing your device which now effectively just functions as a remote.
You can even choose to show captions, or subtitles if available on the course.
online cinematography course on tv
Don’t have an Apple TV? Apple’s Airplay2 is being integrated into new TVs from Samsung, Sony, LG and more, so if you own one of these TVs you can Airplay stream straight from to your TV. For Android users, a similar workflow is possible on Android via the Google Chromecast.
Need help setting up Airplay? This Apple guide will help you get started.
Have you tried any of these methods? Let us know if you’ve had success, or how you like to watch your MZed courses in the comments below. 

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