Anamorphic Cookbook Part 2

Tito Ferradans

Anamorphic Cookbook Part 2

Tito Ferradans
1h 28m
8 modules (view curriculum)

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    1h 28m


On the heels of the most epic course on anamorphic lenses, educator Tito Ferradans is back with brand new lessons in Anamorphic Cookbook Part 2.

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In this episode, Tito goes into setting alignment for good, as well as discussing the keystone effect and how to fix it.


Let's look at anamorphic adapter jackets, DIY clamps, and prepare your spherical taking lenses for best performance on set.


Rigging a camera for a day on set involves a lot of extra parts besides the camera itself. In this episode Tito talks about monitors, wireless video, and follow focus units - plus a quick build for a remote 1st AC station.


In the second part of this episode, Tito is switching all the NPF batteries for a good v-lock that feeds the entire rig. He's also looking at matteboxes, what they do, plus the good and bad things about them.


In this episode Tito introduces a few new ideas about using anamorphic adapters and lenses on budget gimbals. DJI's RS 3 Pro has changed his perspective on that, alongside the new wave of lightweight anamorphics


In this tutorial Tito walks you through setting up DJI's Range Finder to work without the gimbal so you can get autofocus on any lens you might wanna pair it up with!


After all this rigging, there are still a handful of small bits and pieces Tito couldn't live without. These parts are the ones we tend to forget and that are so cheap it's impossible to justify not having them.


This is a super cut from a series of conversations Tito had with folks who truly enjoy anamorphic adapters, and why they feel that way! A love letter to tinkering, and a masterclass with valuable tips and tricks.

About the Educator

Hailing from Brazil, Tito Ferradans spent the last ten years pursuing the dream of making films. Tito is a tech guy, passionate for sci-fi narratives and with a sharp eye for the visual aspects of a story, from cinematography to post-production and visual effects. He also has a YouTube channel about anamorphic lenses, which has been his study subject since 2012 and very likely the reason you're here!

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