Anamorphic Cookbook

Tito Ferradans

Anamorphic Cookbook

Tito Ferradans
3h 52m
6 modules (view curriculum)

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    3h 52m


The Anamorphic Cookbook is the ultimate course about the history of anamorphic lenses and how to put together your own rig. After five years of experimenting with various lenses, systems, and cameras, educator Tito Ferradans has created a fast-paced and entertaining guide to anamorphics, saving you both time and money on your anamorphic journey.

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Subtitles available: English



Tito welcomes MZed Pro members to the world of anamorphic cinematography.

Subtitles available: English


In the first module, Tito dives into the early days of the anamorphic format and some key moments in the evolution of the technology. You’ll learn about the optics of how anamorphic lenses work, different aspect ratios, and how anamorphic lenses can give you a head start in creating a cinematic experience.

Subtitles available: English


Module 2 of the Anamorphic Cookbook starts with a common confusion: what's the difference between an anamorphic lens and an adapter? Can you tell? We go on to learn about how anamorphic lenses focus, including double focus, fixed focus, synchro, linear compensator and the counter-rotating astigmatizer. You’ll also hear Tito's take on renting versus buying your own anamorphic gear, and how to prepare your anamorphic lenses before a shoot.

Subtitles available: English

1h 04m

In this module, you’ll learn all about choosing a camera, lens mount, and sensor size when shooting anamorphic. Tito covers anamorphic modes on cameras that have them, and using crop marks on cameras that don’t, as well as monitoring on set with external monitors and recorders. You’ll also learn about focal reducers as well as the importance of the flange-to-sensor distance with different lens mounts. The module concludes with Tito giving his recommendation for the best budget camera system for shooting anamorphic.

Subtitles available: English


Watch Tito as he shows you the breakdown for Module 3 of the Anamorphic Cookbook, including lighting, set decoration and production design. You'll also hear Tito's take on the legendary Cooke lenses versus modern Atlas lenses, plus a special thanks to all the people who made this course possible.

Subtitles available: English


In this exclusive interview, join CineD's Nino Leitner as he interviews Tito Ferradans about his journey into anamorphic lenses, what he believes can truly transform anamorphic filmmaking, and where you can go for more help. Tito also describes how and why he decided to make the Anamorphic Cookbook course.

Subtitles available: English

About the Educator

Hailing from Brazil, Tito Ferradans spent the last ten years pursuing the dream of making films. Tito is a tech guy, passionate for sci-fi narratives and with a sharp eye for the visual aspects of a story, from cinematography to post-production and visual effects. He also has a YouTube channel about anamorphic lenses, which has been his study subject since 2012 and very likely the reason you're here!


I was really able to increase my understanding of anamorphic with this course; I will revisit modules 1-3 as necessary.
Martin Turner
Mesmerizing course! Tito is just lovely and you can tell how much he knows his stuff! I'm definitely going to follow him in his channels and see if any new modules will come up in MZed!
Sofia Zambon
Loved the information and the attitude that anamorphic is a tool to tell a story, not the be all, end all.
Jon Zanone

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