Cinematic Timelapse with Drew Geraci

Drew Geraci

Cinematic Timelapse with Drew Geraci

Drew Geraci
3h 24m
15 modules (view curriculum)

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    3h 24m


If you've always wanted to learn how to create beautiful, cinematic timelapse, this course is for you. Drew Geraci has worked on some of the most well-known timelapse sequences in the world, and in this two part course he will teach you how to create your own cinematic timelapse. From setting up cameras, choosing the right composition, the best workflow for post-production, and how to create seamless day-to-night transitions.



In this lesson, you'll be introduced to Drew Geraci and the art of cinematic timelapse. What is the difference between cinematic timelapse and regular timelapse that you might film with a GoPro or your phone? What are the tools you'll need? You'll also see a breakdown of the modules for this course. This lesson is free to watch.


In this lesson you'll learn the essential elements to creating a timelapse, the different use cases, how you can implement it in your work, the different types of subjects that make for a great timelapse, and the interval settings that Drew recommends for different types of subjects.


In this lesson Drew discusses camera bodies, lenses, ND filters and accessories, and everything else gear-related when it comes to timelapse production.


Where should you go to capture a great timelapse? The first thing you want to do is scout your location, and Drew gives you an overview of what he looks for when he's location scouting. Will there be people, animals, or unpredictable weather in your shot? Is the location open and accessible? Are there interesting moving elements?


In this lesson Drew shows you what's all in his bag when he goes out to shoot a timelapse, and how he recommends you setup your camera for timelapse capture.


What should you look for when you're setting up a timelapse shot? How do you compose and execute the perfect timelapse?


In this lesson Drew takes you along a shoot in Wyoming as he sets up and composes a cinematic timelapse.


Once you're back from the shoot, how do you put all your images together to make a compelling timelapse movie? Drew shows you how to compile the images, color correct and stabilize the video, and export, all in DaVinci Resolve.


In this second lesson around timelapse post-production, you'll learn how to remove flicker, objects and debris, how to stylizing masks, and how to mix timelapse with live action.


ND ramping, manual stop-down, multi-pass, and Aperture Priority plus Auto ISO ramping is covered in this lesson.


In this first lesson of Cinematic Timelapse Part II, Drew gives an overview of motion control timelapse, the expectations from the operator and viewer's perspective, and how to control movement.


In this lesson, Drew goes over rigs and how to setup in the field.


In this lesson, Drew goes over multipass setup and post production techniques.


In this lesson, Drew goes over frames per second options as well as shoot-move-shoot vs continous modes.


In this final lesson of Part II, Drew goes over converting 24p to 60p, as well as exporting multiple clips.

About the Educator

Drew Geraci

Photographer, Filmmaker

1 Course

Drew has an affinity for creating brilliantly colored and high impact HDR motion time-lapse productions. His notoriety rose when he landed a job working with David Fincher to create the now iconic House of Cards opening credits. His work has also appeared in shows/advertisements produced by the NFL, HBO, Redbull, Sony, Apple, Nike, Discovery Channel, Cartier and more.


I love everything about this course! You should definitely watch it!
Rave Villanueva
Great intro, can't wait to see more
Hugo de Vries
Terrific course on timelapse photography! Lots of great tips and practical information on how to deal with variables in the field. I love that he uses Davinci Resolve to process everything, so much easier than the old way of needing Lightroom and LRTimelapse. Great stuff!
Luke Segreto
He goes through each module a little to fast but overall great information and you can always go back and catch anything you think you might have missed.
David McCrary
One word: Fantastic!
Dan Varga
Well presented and informative.
Jonathan Sage
Excellent. Fast paced, no fluff. Incredible examples.
Marshall Cant
Pretty good course!!!!!!!
Terrell Epps
Excellent course. Thanks.
Anthony Saint James
Ok course.
Fidel Ventocilla

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