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Learn Everything in Premiere Pro
Meet your instructor
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Learn Everything in Premiere ProAAA

In the first lesson in the course, we learn a little bit about Senior Editor and Creative Director Digby Hogan, your companion for the Learn Everything in Adobe Premiere Pro course.

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Learn Everything in Premiere Pro


At over 25 hours long, with over 100 individual lessons across 13 topics, you won’t find better Adobe Premiere Pro training anywhere else. Senior Editor Digby Hogan will show you everything you need to know and support you to understand each aspect of Adobe Premiere Pro. Start watching now to become the best storyteller and editor you can be.

About the Educator

Product educator

Digby Hogan

Senior Editor, Co-founder of The Empire Post

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Meet your instructor Digby Hogan, Co-Founder and Senior Editor of The Empire Post. With an incredibly strong work ethic and a love for all things film making, Digby has been working in Film & TV since his late teens.

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