Producing from the Front
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Producing from the FrontAAA

You’ll get the 40,000-foot view of producing from this module. From the definition of a producer to the role of the producer, from what it takes to be a successful producer to what it takes to execute the vision, Graham covers it all.

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Producing from the Front


Your passion is film production. How and where to start? Producing from the Front by Graham Ehlers Sheldon is that place. Learn from this award winning producer as he takes you through the thrills and challenges of the industry he loves, sharing every step of the way the inside scoop on what it takes to produce quality content that people watch.

About the Educator

Product educator

Graham Ehlers Sheldon

Producer, DP, Sales Agent

1 Course

Emmy® award winner Graham Sheldon resides in southern California USA where he works as a producer, director of photography, and sales agent for indie films.

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