Selling The Punch

America Young

Selling The Punch

America Young
1h 34m
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    1h 34m


Join America Young and Graham Ehlers Sheldon as they show you what it takes to bring a piece of combat from script to screen. For every person who works on a film set, or even any movie lover who wants to know more about stunts, America and Graham provide a foundation in how the professionals plan, rehearse, and wind up Selling the Punch.



Knowing what you don’t know. Graham and America break down what a stunt coordinator actually does and how they look at scripts differently than other film professionals. They'll teach you what you can expect when weapons and/or fighting are present on set. Unit One ends with a real production meeting where Graham and America discuss the scene they will film in Unit Two as director and DP.


Learn how different departments are integrated into creating a fight sequence: who is consulted and what is considered. Then, observe the rehearsal America conducts with two actors as they stage a hand to hand combat sequence between two time travelers. Lastly, they'll show you how they take that sequence from rehearsal to capturing it in camera.


See the finished product of what Graham and America filmed to demonstrate best practices. Stick around to learn what red flags to watch out for when you're working on a project with stunt professionals and weapons. Hear their war stories of when things didn't go well and their safety was at risk. Learn what to say and how to approach a situation when you don't feel safe, so you can secure a long career in the business without fear of mishaps.

About the Educator

America Young

Stunt Coordinator, Director

1 Course

America Young works as a Director, Stunt Coordinator, and Stunt Woman in Film, Animation, TV, and Video Games.

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