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Speed Editing in Final Cut Pro with Dave Maze

Dave Maze

Speed Editing in Final Cut Pro with Dave Maze

Dave Maze
3h 9m
9 modules (view curriculum)

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    3h 9m


The clock is ticking and you have another video to turn around quickly. Wish you had a secret superpower to edit faster? YouTube extraordinaire Dave Maze to the rescue! Open up Final Cut Pro and let Dave show you how to organize, edit, color correct, and add titles, transitions, and music to your videos in a blaze.

Subtitles available: English (Autogenerated), English (United States)



In the first lesson, Dave walks you through the best approach to importing media from a camera, setting up a Final Cut Pro library, events, and projects, and organizing the footage in a way that sets you up for quicker editing.

Subtitles available: English (Autogenerated), English (United States)


Dave shows you how to setup a project, build the edit, get your audio and LUT loaded up, and speed up the workflow with compound clips and copying and pasting attributes.

Subtitles available: English, English (Autogenerated)


Once you have the base edit, you can start to lay down B-roll. Dave shows you his tips for setting up and using keyboard shortcuts, optimizing the workflow, and focusing on the creative edit as you speed through this part of the editing process.

Subtitles available: English, English (Autogenerated)


If you're a YouTube video creator, you'll most likely need to use external media to spice up your content. Dave shows you his workflow for downloading and using images, video, and special FX from the web to enhance your video edit.

Subtitles available: English, English (Autogenerated)


One way to speed up an edit in Final Cut is to create all your titles and text templates in advance. In this lesson, Dave shows you how to work with titles in Final Cut, as well as create custom templates in Apple Motion.

Subtitles available: English, English (Autogenerated)


Dave shows you how to quickly color correct LOG media, use color wheels, masks, effects, and how to create templates to speed up the process.

Subtitles available: English, English (Autogenerated)


In this lesson Dave shows you his favorite methods of finding and working with music tracks in Final Cut Pro.

Subtitles available: English, English (Autogenerated)


Even though the interface is simple, there are actually several different methods of exporting a video from Final Cut Pro. Dave shows his favorite method of exporting for YouTube, and how you can optimize this final step in the speed editing process.

Subtitles available: English, English (Autogenerated)


Dave wraps up the Speed Editing in Final Cut Pro course with some final thoughts.

Subtitles available: English, English (Autogenerated)

About the Educator

Dave Maze

Filmmaker, Youtuber, Podcaster

1 Course

Dave is a full-time YouTube creator in the camera and filmmaking niche. He was the host and creative director at Indy Mogul, a filmmaking and gear review channel with over 1.3 million subscribers. Dave also started the Kinotika YouTube channel and brought it to over 78,000 subscribers with over 10 million views. With a heavy emphasis on making the videos entertaining; the reviews, tutorials, and vlogs all showcase the charisma and comedy side of Dave’s personality all while educating the audience.


Crams a lot of very useful information in a very friendly way (complete with natural outtakes) - hopefully a "Speed Shooting" course by Dave is in the making.
Brendan Deere
I loved the way Dave explained his editing process, I learned so many good tips and tricks to improve my workflow. Thank you so much Dave! :)
Juan Manuel Acuña Rodriguez
Thought Dave gave great shortcuts, insights into editing with FCP. Even after years of both teaching and using Final Cut I learned a ton of useful info to both help teach my classes and edit my own projects. Thanks Dave.
brent morton

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