Speedlites: The Power in the Possibilities

Stephen Eastwood

Speedlites: The Power in the Possibilities

Stephen Eastwood
6h 12m
6 modules (view curriculum)
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  • Total Time:

    6h 12m


In this series, Stephen Eastwood shows you how to conquer beauty and fashion photography in just about any lighting scenario. He covers studio, indoor, and outdoor locations, where he'll show you how to create numerous lighting schemes with Speedlites. You'll learn how to both overpower and harness sunlight, fluorescent light, incandescent light and more.



As we commence the course, Stephen Eastwood introduces us to Speedlites by way of an in-studio shoot. He guides us through the various settings and portrait styles in which he will be teaching us to use them.

1h 03m

In this module, Stephen demonstrates the use of Speedlites during a beauty shoot with various models and poses.

1h 02m

Staying indoors, Stephen walks us through shooting indoors with mixed lighting, using speedlites to enhance and reinforce the motivation of available light.

1h 11m

In this module Stephen continues to show us how to work indoors with a range of lighting situations. We start with corporate portraits in an office, before moving to an edgy warehouse space, and finishing in an industrial stairway.


Stephen moves outdoors now, showing us various techniques to use speedlites to either complement or overpower the sun depending on the scenario and style of photo.

1h 08m

To complete the course Stephen walks us through various outdoor scenarios including a pool, beach, pier and finishing with an evening city skyline.

About the Educator

As a beauty and high-fashion specialist, Stephen's photographs are always striking. His ability to use lighting to sculpt models and consistently create alluring images has made him a highly sought after commercial photographer.

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