The Cutting Edge

Adam Epstein

The Cutting Edge

Adam Epstein
5h 29m
10 modules (view curriculum)
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    5h 29m


In this course, Saturday Night Live film unit Editor Adam Epstein shows you exactly how he takes a project from an empty timeline to a network broadcast in under 24 hours. Combining all elements of post production including sequencing, audio, motion graphics and compositing, Adam shares his tips, techniques and theories to maximize your results on any project.



In the opening module of the course Adam introduces himself and talks a little about his background and what it's like to work on the Saturday Night Live Film Unit, before jumping in to a discussion about what it means to be an editor today.


In this module Adam discusses best practice for setting up your workspace and workflow, including the process he uses for the incredibly demanding schedule on Saturday Night Live.


In this module Adam takes us through best practices for project structure and sequences, as well his preferences for screen layout and workspace in Premiere Pro.


Adam breaks down his top 10 keyboard shortcut suggestions in this module, helping to increase your editing speed. We finish up by talking about how to pick the best takes.


We cover all things audio in this chapter, using SNL's popular Wes Anderson spoof "The Midnight Cotorie of Sinister Intruders" as a case study. We work through voice-overs, working with dialogue, sound effects, music beds and creating soundscapes that give your project a cinematic depth to match incredible visuals.


Adam shifts focus to cover motion graphics and color in this module. We cover basic text titles through to quick, yet impactful 3D motion and advanced motion tracking in After Effects.


In this module Adam gives an introductory explanation and overview of both color correction and color grading including an explanation of color profiles and RAW camera formats.

1h 00m

Moving on from practical instruction, Adam discusses editing from a theoretical perspective, using examples from feature films and commercials to inspire and highlight best practices.


In this module we continue Adam's lecture, looking at examples of comedy to build anticipation and perfect timing.


In the final module Adam closes the course with career advice, including his tips and guidelines for working well with directors and producers.

About the Educator

Adam Epstein

Editor, Filmmaker

1 Course

Adam Epstein is the Emmy-nominated Senior Film Editor for the *Saturday Night Live* Film Unit where he just completed his 8th season. Additionally he has worked on numerous feature films and commercials.


Loved it A bit short though.
David Aiello
Absolutely fantastic. Adam's passion for editing shines through and makes his workshop extremely engaging – not to mention all the invaluable knowledge that is shared.
Gustavo Soares
Bing Bailey
Loved it! Thanks for making this.
Vikas Deo
Loved the ideas! A lot of in depth solid advice that you can directly steal from right away! Truly inspiring.
Goh Ching Music Limited
Wish it was longer. I feel he has so much more to teach.
Jonathan Blackwood
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