Introduction: What is a Lens?

The Secrets of Optics
Introduction: What is a Lens?
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The Secrets of OpticsAAA

Before we get started explaining the ins and outs of lenses, Mitch takes the time to really define what a lens is and how modern lenses came about.

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The Secrets of Optics


Ever been confused by focal length? Lens breathing? How about crop factors? What is the “Cooke Look” compared to that of Zeiss? In The Secrets of Optics you’ll learn the basics of lenses - what they do, how they do it, what types of lenses there are - so you have a solid foundation for selecting and operating lenses.

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Mitch Gross

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Industry veteran Mitch Gross is the Cinema Product Manager at Panasonic USA. He has been working in the New York film industry for more than fifteen years and has been the DP on more than twenty feature films as well as hundreds of commercials, music videos, documentaries and other productions.

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