What the Flash?

Bob Davis

What the Flash?

Bob Davis
7h 54m
8 modules (view curriculum)

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    7h 54m


Bounce flash is great, but after a while it all looks the same, flat and dull. In "What the Flash?" Bob Davis shows you how to get amazing results in almost any situation using off-camera speedlites. He demonstrates lighting portraits, corporate headshots, engagement photos, fashion and glamour photos, and even takes you behind the scenes for an entire wedding shoot, using versatile lighting throughout.



Bob begins the course by introducing lighting with Speedlites and giving an overview of what's inside his typical gear kit for a shoot.

1h 09m

In this module Bob continues his overview of equipment by covering different cameras and lighting options within them as well as different lens options.


In this first live shoot of the course, Bob introduces you to "Dirty Lighting" and takes you through a shoot from start to finish.

1h 04m

In this module Bob goes through the basics of lighting using one Speedlite as your primary light and how to build the rest of your setup around that, showing how the movement of light can affect the results.


In this live demonstration Bob takes us through a couple's engagement shoot, showing how he gets great results in less-than-ideal lighting situations both indoors and out.

1h 07m

In Gary, Indiana Bob takes us through a photo session in an abandoned theater, covering how to use lighting to create a "mood" and have a space come to life for dramatic and stunning results.

1h 16m

In the last two modules of the course Bob combines all the lessons of the course as we join him through an entire Wedding shoot. Starting with a thorough walkthrough of his preparation, we then join him as he documents the early events of the couple's special day.

1h 08m

Wrapping up the "What the Flash?" series, Bob combines all the techniques from previous modules on a real client's wedding shoot, allowing you to see it come to life before stepping through his post-event workflow.

About the Educator

Bob Davis


1 Course

Bob Davis is a renowned portrait photographer who, along with wife Dawn, focuses on creative and stunning wedding photography. With over 25 years experience behind the camera, Bob is a respected educator who shares his passion for photography with students the world over.


great :)
Pierre Wachholder
Bob makes it look easy - you can tell he's a master. Very inspirational and insightful. He encouraged me to dust off my speed lights and create more powerful images.
Greg M
Thank You.
Łukasz Kucharski

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