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Now Available: Certificates of Completion

When you finish an MZed online course, shouldn’t you deserve a little recognition? Now you can download and print a certificate of completion.

Here at MZed we’re excited about education. It’s an incredible feeling to acquire new skills, improve yourself, and open up new doors for your future. However, while it only takes a moment to decide to invest in your education, it can take a long time (maybe even a lifetime) to carry out the process of learning.

That’s why it’s essential to pause every once in a while, and take a moment to acknowledge your achievements so far. We all need to be recognized for our hard work, but how do you do that when you’re taking online, self-paced courses?


Printable Certificates of Completion for MZed Online Courses

Today we’re happy to share the news that we’re launching certificates of completion for most of our courses!

mzed-course-certificateHaving a certificate is a really straightforward and widely accepted way of demonstrating that you have a certain skill-set, or have studied in a specific area, and now all MZed students can do so whether it be for study, employment, or just to hang on the wall to celebrate your learning milestones.

Certificates are emailed to the address attached to your MZed account upon completion of an eligible course. You can also request a copy to be emailed to you via the My Certificates page.

Already Completed a Course? Get Your Certificate Now

And here’s some good news if you’ve already completed a course (or a dozen). You can now claim certificates for courses that you completed prior to us launching this feature. To do so, just visit the My Certificates page and you should see any eligible courses there. Just hit the envelope icon to have the PDF emailed to you!

course certificates completionIf you aren’t seeing a course that you previously completed, just go to that course page and check that you’ve finished all the lessons. You can tell if you’ve watched a lesson as the button will now be grey and say “Re-watch”, as opposed to the normal blue “Watch Now” or "Continue".

Please note that certificates are only generated once and are issued in the name of your account, so be sure that everything is completed (and correctly spelled!) in your account. You can update your name at any time from your account settings.

And if you’ve purchased and watched a course offline, unfortunately we can’t offer certificates for courses watched from downloaded files. That’s simply because we have no way of verifying that you completed the modules. So if you want to receive certification you’ll need to stream the course online (or on your TV).

If you're a LinkedIn user we also encourage you to add any courses you've completed to your LinkedIn profile!

If you love the certificates, we have a few of our MZed Pro members to thank for the suggestion. Your feedback is incredibly important to us - please get in touch with us at any time if you have a question, comment, or a suggestion for improvement.

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