Filmmaking for Photographers Giveaway Winners

12 winners will take home gear, but every entry got a free lesson in camera movement

We’re pleased to announce the winners of the Filmmaking for Photographers Giveaway - thank you to everyone who participated!

filmmaking for photographers

What makes this giveaway different from many competitions out there is the lesson from Philip Bloom’s Filmmaking for Photographers course. The Movement lesson is over an hour long and features a vast amount of advice and demonstrations on camera motion in filmmaking. During the giveaway, the lesson was free to watch, and competition entrants had to answer a trivia question from the lesson.

We know people are extremely busy, so the requirement to watch an hour-long video before entering a giveaway is a huge ask. But we’ve heard from many who entered the competition, watched the Motion lesson, and came away feeling inspired, enlightened, and grateful for the education.

So that’s what makes this giveaway so special to us and to our partners. We know each winner on this list is a filmmaker who will get a real use out of the gear. But more importantly, everyone who entered the giveaway learned something new that they can apply to their visual storytelling. 

filmmaking for photographers giveaway prizes

Thank you for entering our giveaway, and a big thank you to RØDE Microphones, Atomos, Glyph Technologies, and B&H Photo Video for supporting filmmakers with these prizes!


David E. - USA

Jonathan J. - USA

Joel G. - Canada

Philip G. - USA

Linus W. - Germany


Atomos Ninja V

Josiah R. - USA

Glyph Atom Raid 2TB SSD

Goran C. - Germany


B&H Gift Card

Colleen C. - USA

Ilari L. - Finland

David S. - Spain

Onny A. - Italy

Oliver B. - UK


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