Filmmaking for Photographers joins MZed Pro

Philip Bloom's exceptional course is now available to all MZed Pro members.

We’re excited to announce that Filmmaking for Photographers - Philip Bloom’s latest course - is now joining the MZed Pro library. That means it’s now free to stream for MZed Pro members, and you can also download the course and watch it offline with our iOS app.

"I would like to extend sincere thanks to Philip Bloom and his team for putting together a fantastic course. This is an exceptional piece of work. Highly informative, engaging, and funny in the right places. Philip has knocked it out of the park with this course and I looking forward to taking the next one!" - Wayne Rice


Filmmaking for Photographers is a course that Philip has dreamed of creating for a long time, after watching many photographers attempt to move into the video world.

The course is relevant for both photographers and filmmakers who want to learn about camera movement and sequences, lighting styles and challenges, story and narrative, and much more. It’s over seven hours of education that eloquently weave hundreds of lessons Philip has learned along his filmmaking journey.

philip bloom course class

The Filmmaking for Photographers Course

Production of “Filmmaking for Photographers” took over a year from start to finish, utilizing a large crew in one of the most exquisite sets for a course yet. Needless to say, this was on of our most elaborate productions at MZed and we’re incredibly proud of the results.

philip bloom filmmaking for photographers

"It's hard to come up with a superlative that doesn't sound like a cliche. Superb. Brilliant. Awesome. You get the idea. This is an excellent course, taught by an exceptional filmmaker and teacher. Highly recommended." - Marshall Cant

To really illustrate the vast variety of filmmaking style and approaches, instructor Philip Bloom brings the viewer along with him on different shooting scenarios and challenges. At a large castle, he shows how to move the camera purposefully to push a story forward.

Later at a beachouse, an unexpected storm presents an opportunity to teach filmmakers how to stay nimble and flexible when shooting conditions change.


To bring all of the storytelling lessons home, Philip dedicates two hours to the post-production part of filmmaking. He takes us through the preparation and organization stage, to editing pace and style, to audio, music, as well as color grading. We see tips and methods here that Philip has honed over decades of experimentation and improvement in contemporary video editing.

Until now, Filmmaking for Photographers has only been available for purchase as a premium course. But starting this month, MZed Pro members can watch the entirety of the course as part of their annual subscription.

"Philip's superb teaching style, sense of humor, and of course the cats make this an extremely informative and thoroughly enjoyable course. It's had a HUGE impact on how I look at shooting, sound, lighting, and editing. THANK YOU for making this course!" - Matt Pignataro


"Really enjoyed it, I will probably have to go from the start again to reinforce everything as it covers so many areas, amazed at what footage Philip produces with a digital photographic camera, I really have learnt a lot from this course thank you." - Simon Reynolds

"Philip, your love of filmmaking, and of teaching are absolutely contagious. I learned more about the media than I could have hoped for. Mostly to be passionate and flexible. Thanks so much for your gift!" - Gary Voorhees

Click here to start watching Filmmaking for Photographers now. Or download our iOS app so you can save and watch the lessons offline when you're on the go.


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