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MZed Pro members get additional perks during their annual subscription

Many of you already know that MZed is the leading educational membership for filmmakers. One of the many perks of the annual MZed Pro membership is getting access to a variety of discounts. Read on to find out what current partner deals are available!

By signing up for an MZed Pro membership you not only have access to 600+ lessons in 300+ hours but new courses are regularly added to the already 45 available ones. But did you know that there is a long list of partner deals with special offers to pick and choose from, which would cost nearly $10,000 to purchase outright? Apart from getting a free pCloud upgrade to 30 GB lifetime storage, let’s take a closer look at the member discounts currently offered.

pCloud – Free upgrade to 30 GB lifetime storage


Exclusively for MZed Pro members, you can now get access to a 30 GB lifetime account with cloud storage provider pCloud, at no extra cost. Accessible through the pCloud app or the virtual pCloud drive, you can store your documents on the cloud at no extra cost. The MZed Pro membership enables you to get a discount when upgrading to a higher capacity account, such as 500 GB or 2 TB.

pCloud is a fast and reliable way to share large files, which is perfect for sending video files over to clients and colleagues. Dropbox’s slow upload and download speeds can be a pain to deal with, and Google Drive splits up large files into multiple zips, so if you want an alternative, give pCloud a try.

Anamorphic on a Budget ebook

Valued at $24.95, MZed Pro members can download a free copy of “Anamorphic on a Budget” by Tito Ferradans. This ebook guides you through the process of shooting DIY anamorphic, and it’s the perfect companion to the Anamorphic Cookbook course.

The Anamorphic Cookbook is a new course on MZed and includes an exclusive CineD interview with instructor Tito Ferradans. If you’re interested in getting into anamorphic lenses, whether you want to get something ready-made or put together your own DIY kit, this course was made for you!

Anamorphic Cookbook course

Peerspace – $50 off your first booking

Looking to rent a house for your next video project? Peerspace is the leading location source for productions in North America and Europe. The MZed Pro membership gets you a $50 discount from their first Peerspace location rental.

The course “Producing from the Front” with Graham Sheldon was shot in a Peerspace location rental. If you watch the course you’ll see the quality and unique character of a Peerspace location.

Producing from the Front course

Vision Color – Free OSIRIS LUT pack

Thanks to Vision Color, all MZed Pro members can receive an OSIRIS LUT Pack, valued at $49, completely free. Bringing together nine of Vision Color’s most popular cinematic look LUTs, the OSIRIS pack is based on analog film scans that have been photochemically processed and developed by industry professionals and scanned using state-of-the-art technology. 

Vision Color OSIRIS LUT pack

ARRI Academy – 20% off hands-on courses and workshops

Offering a wide range of multi-day training courses, individual sessions and educational events in different countries and languages worldwide, ARRI Academy is the best route for users of all abilities to gain hands-on knowledge of ARRI products and workflows, and build their on-set confidence.

MZed Pro members get 20% off a ticket purchase for hands-on training courses worldwide. Visit the upcoming course schedule to find a workshop near you.

ARRI Academy

Saramonic – 10% off Saramonic audio products (USA only)

Saramonic offers a wide range of professional audio solutions including microphones, wireless audio, mixers, cables, and more. All MZed Pro members can get 10% off any products ordered on the Saramonic USA website.


FilmConvert – 30% off any license

FilmConvert allows you to easily mimic true film grain and aesthetic in your videos in only a few clicks, using either plug-ins for your NLE software or via its standalone app. Picture profiles for every popular camera make it easy to quickly access a wide range of looks for your project.

With an MZed Pro membership, you get an incredible 30% off licenses for the plugin, standalone, or bundled versions of the app.


Kyno – 20% off software

Kyno is the one-stop-shop for screening, managing, and transcoding media for videographers and photographers moving into videography. Philip Bloom thinks Kyno is “a really good piece of software that I recommend” and Larry Jordan called it the “most full-featured media management system I’ve ever seen.”

MZed Pro members get 20% off a purchase or any software upgrade.


Blue Cat Audio – 20% off

Blue Cat Audio create professional real-time audio processing plugins for musicians and audio professionals. MZed Pro members get 20% off any product purchase from their online store.

New Audio Technology - 30% off Spatial Audio Designer

New Audio Technology makes specialized audio production solutions for professional applications. MZed Pro members can get 30% off the Spatial Audio Designer plugin, which helps you create immersive audio in surround sound and 3D.

DELUTS – 40% off all LUTs

James Miller brings more than 35 years of experience in color to the DELUTS brand, which offers boutique LUTs and looks for a wide range of popular digital cinema camera systems as well as still photography.

MZed Pro members get 40% off all LUTs.


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