New Course: The Ultimate Canon R5 C Video Manual

Ollie Kenchington is back with an epic course, all about the Canon EOS R5 C

We are very proud to launch the best and most comprehensive Canon R5 C course on the planet: Canon R5 C – The ULTIMATE Video Manual by Ollie Kenchington. Read on to learn everything about the content of this course, on one of the most popular (video) cameras Canon has ever released.

The Canon EOS R5 C ushers in a new era for Canon shooters, with a unique form factor and feature set that borrows from both hybrid photo/video mirrorless cameras as well as from Canon’s cinema cameras. There’s a lot under the covers, and to truly see why the R5 C is special and how to utilize it to its full capacity you need a guiding hand.

That’s where MZed’s newest course comes in! The Canon R5 C Ultimate Video Manual is a 3.5 hour course that will walk you through the camera setup, how to make sense of all the modes and picture presets, and how to make sure you’re utilizing the camera to its maximum potential.

The course is created by Ollie Kenchington, a filmmaker who is secretly a world-class teacher. I don’t know how he manages to do it but Ollie can explain a difficult concept in the most digestible way possible. He really is a born educator.

Canon R5C Ollie Kenchington course

As I was watching the R5 C course, I learned a ton about color and record modes that I had never fully grasped until Ollie spelled them out. So really, this course isn’t only for R5 C shooters.

Of course if you already have the R5 C or plan to get one, then certainly the R5 C Ultimate Video Manual will be a fantastic portal to mastering your camera. But in my opinion I think the true value of this course is to showcase the next generation of Canon cinema cameras, starting with the R5 C. It may even convince you to get one.

In particular, the final module in the course may be the reason why we’ll all end up shooting with the R5C soon. The lesson is all about using the R5 C along with the Canon Dual Fish Eye lens to record and edit 180 degree VR content in 8K.

Below is a summary of the course and the individual modules. MZed Pro members get instant access to watching the course, and it’s also available for outright purchase.

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The Canon R5 C Ultimate Video Manual – Course Outline



In this ‘Ultimate Video Manual’ for the Canon EOS R5 C, professional filmmaker Ollie Kenchington drills down in to the video functionality of this exciting 8K hybrid camera.

Since shooting Canon UK’s launch film for the R5 C in December 2021, Ollie has spent a full year now using the camera on his productions. Drawing on these experiences, he has designed a course that quickly shed’s light on all the main functions for shooting video successfully with the R5 C.

Moreover, in his characteristically detailed yet accessible style, Ollie even takes the time to explain higher level concepts around shutter angle, log gammas and exposure assistance tools, before ending the course with one of the most warts and all break downs of 180 VR we’ve ever seen!

Camera Setup

In this first module, after some basic menu navigation tips, Ollie moves through the Iris and Shutter options. We are shown the differences between Speed, Angle, Clear Scan and Slow, as well as examples of when each might be called upon.

Canon R5C camera setup

Dual Base ISO

Here, Ollie goes in to detail about how the R5 C’s sensor handles noise, as well as the impact custom picture preset changes have on ISO levels and dynamic range handling. Ollie also touches on the importance of good quality ND filtration with third-party glass.

Canon R5C dual base ISO

Custom Picture Presets

After wrapping up the Camera Setup menu options, Ollie dives headlong in to the Custom Picture menu. Using his trusty Calibrite Video Checker chart, Ollie goes in to detail about the differences between BT.709 Standard, WideDR, CLog3 and how they affect your camera’s ability to capture detail in highlights and shadows. He also briefly pulls back the curtain on the full extent of gamma, gamut and colour matrix customisation available to Canon cinema camera users.

R5C Canon custom picture presets

Assistance Functions

A complete run down of the in-built exposure guides and tools available are covered in this lesson. From False Color and Zebras, to Waveform monitors and Vectorscopes, Ollie is in his element here, as he brings his extensive image evaluation knowledge to bear on the R5 C.

Canon R5 C exposure assistance

Recording & Media Setup

Ollie turns his attention to the myriad of recording options in the camera. From sensor crop modes to resolution, codec, bit rate, chroma subsampling and frame rate options, by the time you finish this lesson, you’ll not only know what options are available in this camera, but why you would choose one over another. Ollie also touches on the importance of powering the camera and the relationship between this and your recording options.

Canon R5 C recording media setup

2nd Card Record Functions

The R5 C takes both CFexpress and SD cards, allowing for multiple recording workflows. From proxy and sub recording, to relay and double slot recording, Ollie covers all bases in this chapter.

Recording Modes

In this module, Ollie tackles the various recording modes available. Using examples from his own work, Ollie shows the Slow & Fast Motion modes, as well as the Frame and Interval recording modes.

Canon R5C record modes tutorial

Auto Focus

Canon are renowned for pioneering stable and accurate auto focusing systems in their cinema cameras and the R5 C builds on that legacy with its powerful focusing feature set. As well as showing how to get the best from the camera’s auto focus mode, Ollie also shows how to compliment manual focusing with assistive features like the Focus Guide and the ‘Only Around Focus Point’ mode.

Canon R5C autofocus

Digital I.S.

In this short lesson, Ollie guides us through the different levels of digital image stabilisation available in the R5 C, showing examples of each and when one might be preferred to another.

Canon R5C course digital IS

Operator Tips

Given the small stature of the R5 C, it is the perfect camera for rigging up in a multitude of ways. In this lesson, Ollie takes us through some of the most common accessories you might choose to use when rigging this camera up, as well as offering his thoughts on power saving tips with Canon’s LP-E6NH batteries.

Canon R5C accessories tips

180 VR

In Ollie’s final module, he lifts the lid on creating 180 degree virtual reality videos with the R5 C and Canon’s Dual Fisheye Lens. From production tips for shooting the best immersive content possible, to post-production steps needed in Adobe Premiere Pro, Ollie shows the entire workflow from start to finish, using a test shot he captures in his local town.

Canon R5C 180 VR



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