Winners of the Master the Moment Giveaway

We're pleased to announce nine winners from around the world

We’re pleased to announce the winners of the Master the Moment Giveaway - thank you to everyone who participated!

Master the Moment Wedding Filmmaking Course

This particular giveaway has been a wonderful entry for MZed into the wedding filmmaking community. We believe Ray Roman’s “Master the Moment” course is an incredible resource to developing as well as seasoned wedding videographers, so we’re delighted for the opportunity to say thank you to the wedding community for welcoming us into your world.

Each person who entered the giveaway was able to watch one lesson in Master the Moment, and we hope you took away something worthwhile from that short lesson! But of course, a giveaway isn’t a giveaway without the prizes, and for that we have our wonderful partners to thank.

Kinotehnik Practilite 602

Kinotehnik is incredibly generous to offer up three of their Practilite 602 lights to the giveaway. This bicolor fresnel LED has found a home with wedding photographers and filmmakers around the world, thanks to its dependability, color accuracy, and ability to focus on a subject without spilling light elsewhere.

That’s so important with intimate wedding scenes, and it’s the reason why Ray Roman depends on the Practilite 602 for his wedding films.

Rhino ROV Pro

Another of Ray’s favorite tools in his wedding kit is a Rhino motorized slider. At a wedding production, you often only have one chance to get a slide right, so you have to make sure you can quickly set it up and deploy, time and time again. For this giveaway, Rhino has contributed their RŌV Pro, a compact motorized slider that’s as beautiful as it is practical.

RØDE has recently made wedding filmmakers very happy with their release of the Wireless Go compact wireless system in white. With the addition of the Lavalier Go, also in white, wedding shooters now have a dependable wireless mic kit that can be hidden in plain sight.

Rode Wireless Lavalier Go Wedding White Kit

So thank you to Kinotehnik, Rhino Camera Gear, RØDE Microphones, and B&H Photo Video for your support of MZed and for giving these lucky winners a big boost in their filmmaking capabilities!

Master the Moment Winners List


Kinotehnik Practilite 602

Oreoluwa O. - UK 

Igor T. - USA 

Adam P. - Australia


Rhino RŌV Pro

Danny C. - Canada


RØDE Wireless GO and Lavalier GO Kit

Mary A. - USA

Andrew L. - USA 

Tyler S. - USA


B&H Photo Gift Card

Mikhail K. - USA

Ervin M. - Singapore


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