Introduction from Tito Ferradans

Anamorphic Cookbook
Introduction from Tito Ferradans
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Anamorphic CookbookAAA

Tito welcomes MZed Pro members to the world of anamorphic cinematography.

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Anamorphic Cookbook


The Anamorphic Cookbook is the ultimate course about the history of anamorphic lenses and how to put together your own rig. After five years of experimenting with various lenses, systems, and cameras, educator Tito Ferradans has created a fast-paced and entertaining guide to anamorphics, saving you both time and money on your anamorphic journey.

As an exclusive bonus, MZed Pro members can get a free copy of Tito Ferradans' "Anamorphic on a Budget" ebook by going to the Member Discounts page under Account Settings.

About the Educator

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Tito Ferradans


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Hailing from Brazil, Tito Ferradans spent the last ten years pursuing the dream of making films. Tito is a tech guy, passionate for sci-fi narratives and with a sharp eye for the visual aspects of a story, from cinematography to post-production and visual effects. He also has a YouTube channel about anamorphic lenses, which has been his study subject since 2012 and very likely the reason you're here!

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