Introduction and Overview

Canon C300 MkII Camera Primer
Introduction and Overview
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Canon C300 MkII Camera PrimerAAA

We kick off the course with an overview of the camera, focusing on the main changes both physically and functionally of the C300 MkII over its predecessor.

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Canon C300 MkII Camera Primer


Get to know the Canon Cinema EOS C300 MkII camera inside-out in this comprehensive camera primer, presented by AbelCine Camera Technology Specialist Megan Donnelly. After watching this course you will have a thorough understanding of the camera’s core features and how to operate it professionally on shoots ranging from one-man crews all the way through to large multi-camera productions.

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One of the world’s leading providers to the cinema and filmmaking industry, AbelCine offers a wide range of services including sales, rental, service and education. Education and the sharing of knowledge is at its core, and its education team is comprised of experienced, knowledgeable camera specialists including Megan Donnelly, Ian McCausland, Nic Somera, Corey Christian and Geoff Smith.

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