Canon C300 MkII Camera Primer

AbelCine Education Team

Canon C300 MkII Camera Primer

AbelCine Education Team
1h 49m
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Get to know the Canon Cinema EOS C300 MkII camera inside-out in this comprehensive camera primer, presented by AbelCine Camera Technology Specialist Megan Donnelly. After watching this course you will have a thorough understanding of the camera’s core features and how to operate it professionally on shoots ranging from one-man crews all the way through to large multi-camera productions.



We kick off the course with an overview of the camera, focusing on the main changes both physically and functionally of the C300 MkII over its predecessor.


In this module Megan walks through each of the camera’s external controls and I/O ports, explaining the functionality of each and how they are best used.


Here Megan steps through the audio features of the C300 MkII showing how it’s improved over the original C300, before demonstrating how to connect and configure microphones and audio inputs. We then look at the various timecode options supported by the C300 MkII and discuss the suitability of each.


The C300 MkII is an incredibly versatile camera and is designed to be able to be used by filmmakers of all levels and styles. In this module Megan goes through many common setups from basic tripod-mount through to handheld and studio scenarios.


Megan covers her top-five things you need to know about any camera before shooting, before diving in to the camera menus to show you how to configure the various aspects including DualPixel Autofocus and its modes.


In this module Megan shows you how to monitor and correctly set exposure using the various graphic tools provided by the C300 MkII and briefly explains them.


Custom picture profiles are a popular feature of Canon DSLR cameras. Here Megan explains how these are implemented in the C300 MkII to provide an alternative to the resource-hungry Raw and log workflows.


The Canon C300 MkII introduced a Raw output over HD-SDI which sends Canon Raw to an external recorder, giving you the option to not only shoot in Log in camera but to have the complete versatility of Raw. In this module Megan walks through how to set up the camera for each workflow and why you might want to select one over the other.


Now that we’ve looked at the differences between log and raw and how that applies to the C300 MkII, Megan shows us exactly how to record a raw feed from the camera using a third-party recorder.


In the final production module Megan discusses how to correctly set your exposure for a Canon-Log workflow.


In the final module Megan steps through best practices for post-production with the C300 MkII, including how to preview clips from the camera, offload data safely, how to apply Canon LUTs in Adobe Premiere and DaVinci Resolve, and finally working with Raw recordings using Canon's "Cinema RAW Development" software.

About the Educator

AbelCine Education Team

Camera Technology Specialists

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One of the world’s leading retailers to the cinema and filmmaking industry, AbelCine offers a wide range of services including sales, rental, service and education. Education and the sharing of knowledge is at its core, and its education team is comprised of experienced, knowledgeable camera specialists including Megan Donnelly, Ian McCausland, Corey Christian and Geoff Smith.

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