What’s in the Box

Canon C500 MkII Camera Primer
What’s in the Box
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Canon C500 MkII Camera PrimerAAA

In the introductory lesson, Jem shows us what’s included in the C500 MkII box, how to assemble the components, and how to adjust the monitor to your preference. We also learn how the C500 MkII fits into Canon’s Cinema EOS lineup.

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Canon C500 MkII Camera Primer


The Canon C500 Mark II is an exciting platform for filmmakers that combines a full-frame sensor with Canon's color science and Dual-Pixel autofocus system in an ultra-compact form-factor. After watching this in-depth primer course you will have a thorough understanding of the camera’s core features and be in a position to maximise your results when on set.

About the Educator

Product educator

Jem Schofield

Producer, DP, Educator

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Jem Schofield is a producer, DP and educator and the founder of theC47, a full-service production company that focuses on video production, filmmaking, consulting & education. He spends most of his time producing content, educating others and otherwise being borderline obsessed with cameras, production and the craft of lighting.

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