Understanding Timelapse

Cinematic Timelapse with Drew Geraci
Understanding Timelapse
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Cinematic Timelapse with Drew GeraciAAA

In this lesson you'll learn the essential elements to creating a timelapse, the different use cases, how you can implement it in your work, the different types of subjects that make for a great timelapse, and the interval settings that Drew recommends for different types of subjects.

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Cinematic Timelapse with Drew Geraci


If you've always wanted to learn how to create beautiful, cinematic timelapse, this course is for you. Drew Geraci has worked on some of the most well-known timelapse sequences in the world, and in this two part course he will teach you how to create your own cinematic timelapse. From setting up cameras, choosing the right composition, the best workflow for post-production, and how to create seamless day-to-night transitions.

About the Educator

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Drew Geraci

Photographer, Filmmaker

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Drew has an affinity for creating brilliantly colored and high impact HDR motion time-lapse productions. His notoriety rose when he landed a job working with David Fincher to create the now iconic House of Cards opening credits. His work has also appeared in shows/advertisements produced by the NFL, HBO, Redbull, Sony, Apple, Nike, Discovery Channel, Cartier and more.

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