Mastering Color

Ollie Kenchington

Mastering Color

Ollie Kenchington
7h 30m
8 modules (view curriculum)

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    7h 30m


In Mastering Color, professional colorist Ollie Kenchington deconstructs the art and science of color grading, providing a complete guide to professional color for video. From the fundamental principles of manipulating color and contrast, to the latest HDR workflows with raw media, Ollie leaves no stone un-turned in this comprehensive masterclass that is relevant to beginners and professional colorists alike.

Subtitles available: English



In the first module, Ollie shows us why setting up an environment where your eyes and monitors can be trusted is of vital importance. As well as seeing how professional suites are configured, thanks to a rare interview with CHEAT lead colorist, Toby Tomkins, Ollie also gives practical tips on how to create a home suite on a budget and how to calibrate your own monitors. He finishes up with advice on working with clients in the room, and how to decode emotive keywords that clients might use to describe the look they are after.

Subtitles available: English

1h 11m

Here, Ollie breaks down the differences between contrast, tonality, dynamic range and luminance perception. He also teaches us the fundamentals of reading histograms and waveform monitors, to help avoid clipping and crushing when using lift, gamma, gain controls. To help illustrate these topics, Ollie uses a broadcast commercial for a sofa company, where contrast is used to make the product stand out against its surroundings.

Subtitles available: English


In this lesson, Ollie discusses the basic concepts of the additive color model and how we can use this knowledge to counteract color casts in our images. Along the way, we learn how to use the Parade, Vectorscope, RGB Overlay Waveform Monitor and RGB picker. We also hear from acclaimed cinematographer Brett Danton, as he discusses how important accurate colors are to him and his clients.

Subtitles available: English

1h 28m

Continuity is the unsung hero in color grading, and an often overlooked part of the process. In this lesson, Ollie takes on the challenge of matching Canon and Sony cameras on a multicam shoot, using an X-Rite Color Checker Video chart. He then breaks down his workflow for creating visual harmony across a sequence of shots in a short film (The Storm, created by Vimeo Staff Pick winning director, Sam Buchanan), while discussing stills, image wipes and split screens along the way.

Subtitles available: English


With the fundamentals of primary grading dealt with, Ollie now turns his attention to one of the most important parts of color grading - skin tones. What are memory colors? Is there such a thing as the perfect skin tone? How do we make faces look realistic, yet cinematic at the same time? All these questions are answered by Ollie in this module, with valuable contributions made along the way by Academy award winning make up artist, Peter Swords King.

Subtitles available: English


Ollie starts here with a discussion about the differences between technical and creative LUTs. Ollie talks about the importance of owning your own images and gives tips on how to develop your own looks using curves and qualifiers, the differences between monochrome and desaturated looks and how to use split screens and versions in DaVinci Resolve to audition looks quickly.

Subtitles available: English


In this module, Ollie tackles the two distinct areas of the look of film - texture and colour. What can you do with stock effects? What can be achieved with dedicated tools, like FilmConvert? Ollie uses the latest music video from acclaimed celluloid DP, Jamie Harding, to show how he matches footage from the Arri Alexa and Arri SR2. He also gives a demonstration of how he addresses film halation, using simple techniques in DaVinci Resolve.

Subtitles available: English

1h 05m

In Ollieʼs final module, he teams up with internationally renowned filmmaker, Philip Bloom, to look at the future of film production and delivery - HDR. Starting off in Philipʼs hometown of Richmond, the pair shoot ProRes RAW and Canon Raw Light during golden hour, while discussing the dos and donʼts of recording for HDR delivery. Ollie then heads back to the grading suite to show Philip what his work looks like on a 1000 nit HDR monitor, and how to set up, grade and deliver HDR video. Ollie also talks about raw workflow and how working in raw can benefit your clients, even if you are only delivering in HD SDR.

Subtitles available: English

About the Educator

Ollie Kenchington

Filmmaker, Editor, Colorist

4 Courses

Ollie's company, Korro Films, produces commercials, short films, documentaries and branded content for major international clients, with Ollie carrying out senior editor and colourist duties on every project. Ollie is an assured practitioner across all areas of filmmaking, giving him a deep understanding of the creative process which allows his agency to flourish in this competitive industry. Additionally he is an accomplished educator, and founder of Korro Academy.


Invaluable course for those looking to up their colour game.
Daniel Grindrod
Great course! Ollie is an excellent teacher and was great to listen to.
Dominic Panico
Excellent lessons. Learned more from watching this collection of tutorials than I did in the last two years.
Charley Whitmore
C'était vraiment un belle découverte! J'aimerai voir encore plus de vidéo sur la colorisation et Davinci en 2020. Merci!
Patrick Maynard
Informative and practical with real-world examples. Top stuff.
Nick Andrews
By far one of the best online courses for Resolve basics and much more. Great insights and theory are shared throughout the course and plenty of practical 'how to' guides covering a range of grading scenarios.
Jamie Neale
Absolutely Brilliant! 1000 nits for this course! Very grateful for it!
Alejandro Welsh
Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.
Matthew Hogan
Cesar Maderal
Definitely a worthy investment of your time and money. Appropriate for a variety of skill levels. Glad I completed this course.
Benjamin Rowland
Very good overview of the world of a colorist, with both technical stuff and a generic idea of what it is to be a colorist. Combined with Ollie's other course it is a very good starting point for future colorists.
Julien Gouz
Learned so much from Ollie. Can't wait to go through this course again. So much information. Thank you.
Excellent course. Presented concepts are very useful. The methodology, teaching pace and examples all contribute to learning. I enjoyed the interviews with people who work in the market. Excelente curso. Conceitos apresentados são muito uteis. A metodologia, ritmo de ensino e os exemplos contribuem para o aprendizado. Gostei das entrevistas com pessoas que atuam no mercado.
Juan Vargas
Adam Weinberg
Really well done. A lot of content with substance. I would definitely recommend as a colour grading primer.
Cory Sheets
Exceptional course. I enjoyed learning from Ollie he has a great way of communicating complex and technical information into easily digestible concepts. I'm by no means a 'colour master' now but I have a much better understanding of the grading process and how it relates to shooting content. I'm looking forward to watching his other classes!
Wayne Rice
Ollie has a great voice and is a good, infomative teacher but the documentary style really won me over.
Fabio Paul Bedoya Huerta
I loved the course! Ollie is very didactic and can clearly and complicitly pass on his knowledge, I am very pleased. Listening to Ollie and the others who attended the course inspired me a lot, and I realized that this is just a first step and I need to continue studying forever, with great pleasure! (translated from Portuguese)
Allan Magno Bortolosso
Great. Thank You.
Łukasz Kucharski
Great course! The quality of the production is very high compared to other courses I've seen online, and Ollie isn't skipping any details in Resolve. I must say that I've learned a lot. Worth the money.
Samuel Kanu
Great overview of the principles that will guide you in your color grading journey. Well presented and communicated by Ollie. Not technical nuts and bolts tutorial-based training, but a bigger picture view at how to approach grading to ensure you're successful in the long run.
Raymond Linares
I gave 4.5 out of 5 because I only wished there were a bit more hands on training examples. It’s much more theoretical in nature as a course. I think Ollie does a fantastic job and you get some incredible interviews from other highly experienced artists in here. Super valuable course, highly recommend. This course is more like sitting next to a master and watching him do his work and hearing him explain things, and less like him walking you through stuff step by step. If you’re moderate to advanced there’s a lot of value here.
German Disla
I really enjoyed this course, I like the way Ollie explains all these useful information. Sometimes his tricks and adjustments are hidden and we can't really see what's going on under the hood however. It would be nice to be involved in those little nuances... Apart from this, congratulations, can't wait to see more in the future! :)
Ungár Barnabás
This course was really helpful! Very well produced. Ollie truly understands the subject. The modules teach you the basics with some bits of light advanced topics. And, for me, one of the most important parts was the interview with Brett because you gain some insight knowledge of how this stuff is applied in high end scenarios. After watching this I stopped thinking that one day, when there was a budget to make lighting perfect there will be no need for color correction :) It doesn't get the full 5* only because this is not really Mastering Color :) I was looking for some more in depth color information, like color spaces, codecs, etc. Nonetheless great great course!
Luis Pereira
Production value is superb, but I would have preferred less of the conversational aspects (which were extremely repetitive and almost seemed like fluff) and more of the not-so-slick nuts and bolts (admittedly there was a lot of that, but there were times where you say "I'm not going to go into that"--- but I want you too... that's why I'm watching...). I guess I wish I came out of this with a solid step-by-step process (such as in your fantastic DaVinci course) that I could immediately apply to my own work. Still, a lot of useful information in a really easy to watch package.
Realy good course, well structured and pleasantly performed.
Mirko Bocek
I was hoping for more tutorials as far as technicality of the entire color panel of Davinci Resolve but understanding the certain aspects of color balance and grade is also essential in this class. This is more of a documentary aspect of color grading. Just need more hands on regarding color correction and balance is what this course needs.
James Davis
Good course, I really liked the first five lessons. The continuity lesson is particularly great. However, I felt like the last three could have been a bit more to the point.
Aram Morera Mesa
Good startup to the course in walking through steps and doing things from a ground up kinda way. Slowly as we got to the end of the course though (especially the last two episodes) there was just too much talking about things rather than showing how to use them or teaching good techniques about the practice (the HDR episode took 45 minutes before we even got to a Resolve interface), overall i think it was a good course but I don't know if it was worth the extra 100 dollars that I paid over the other courses.
Jason Kraynek
Good overview. Fairly basic concepts here and was hoping more in-depth applicable knowledge for the price. A lot of this information is readily available for free online so for the price point I would have enjoyed learning more nuanced tips and tricks to help advance my skillset as a colorist.
Joshua Blackman

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