Intro & Overview

Short Films 101
Intro & Overview
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Short Films 101AAA

As we kick off the course, Seth runs us through the goals for what we’re going to learn.

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Short Films 101


Join writer/director Seth Worley as he takes you on another distilled journey through filmmaking, this time sharing his experiences making award-winning short films. In this course you’ll learn the most important steps to making your short the very best it can be, from finding your voice as a filmmaker through to post-production and establishing an audience.

About the Educator

Product educator

Seth Worley

Writer, Director

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Seth Worley is the writer/director of short films and branded content for clients like JJ Abrams’s Bad Robot, Red Giant, Film Riot, Sandwich Video, and Steve Taylor. His work has been featured in Forbes, USA Today, The Hollywood Reporter, Fast Company, Slate, io9, SlashFilm, HULU, The Tonight Show, and more.

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