Choosing the Right Timelapse Interval

Clouds, cars, people, events - they all have the perfect timelapse interval

If photography and video had a child, it would be a timelapse. You get the best of both worlds: framing up an amazing photo, and then creating a moving visual feast out of a few thousand of those photos. But there’s some important technical details that are necessary for getting a great timelapse, and one of them is choosing the timelapse interval setting.

For Drew Geraci, timelapse started out as a hobby, a fun addition to photography and video production work. But as he describes it, “once you start getting into it, you really have to get into it, because there’s a lot of time that’s involved in it.”

Luckily the gear and workflows that make cinematic timelapse possible are way more newbie-friendly now than they were years ago. And you also have the benefit of Drew’s new course on MZed, Cinematic Timelapse, to guide you through the process step by step.

Drew Geraci Timelapse Intervals

There is a wealth of information in Drew’s course, from setting up gear to scouting a location, all the way to the best post production workflows. But as a little teaser for the course, here’s a few tips from Drew on choosing the right interval for your timelapse subject.

Read the full article at CineD - How to Choose the Right Timelapse Intervals

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